The dishwasher produces water marks

If the freshly washed dishes and cutlery from the dishwasher has water stains, there are two common causes. By dosing and a possible product change, the stain-causing care and cleaning agents can be eliminated.

Dish soap, salt and calcification

In almost all cases, rinse aid and salt are the cause of water stains. First, make sure that both remedies are filled in the right amount. In this case, an overdose must be avoided, which may also be responsible for water spots.

If limescale does not disappear despite controlled levels of detergent and salt, the general calcification state of the dishwasher can be the cause. A good indicator is the sheet metal surfaces inside the dishwasher, which also have water spots in this case. The dishwasher must be descaled according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Sometimes the water hardness of the tap water changes, so a readjustment of the dishwasher becomes necessary. The question of a possible change in hardness is answered by the regional water utility.

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