A dishwasher without water connection does not exist yet

In some life situations, a dishwasher without water connection would be practical. Camping and table devices can be temporarily connected. Self-sufficient devices can only be operated with an additional tank and drain construction. Some manufacturers develop waterless dishwashers.

Temporary connection

For the camping area and small households mini-dishwashers are offered, which do not need a permanent own water connection. Their water supply and drainage are possible in sinks or water tanks in campers or caravans. Self-sufficient devices with a refillable water tank do not exist. If the water consumption of the dishwasher allows it, self-construction can replace a water connection. It gets complicated if the mini-dishwasher has no heating function.

Waterless dishwashing

The largest German home appliance manufacturer is currently developing a dishwasher in several studies and pilot projects that cleans dishes with carbon dioxide instead of water. Since the technology of the machines is less expensive and the water cycle is eliminated, the design should at the same time correspond to the shape of cupboards. On the website yankodesign.com, the draft is under the keyword "power-wash" to assess. However, the market launch will take a few more years to come.

How to connect a tabletop device temporarily

  • Tap Connection Adapter
  • Water inlet hose possibly with extension
  • Water drain hose
  • Maybe water tank
  • pipe wrench
  • Sealing hemp or thread thread

1. Fasten the connection adapter

Unscrew the protective sieve at the faucet at the tap. Attach a suitable adapter to which you can unscrew the water inlet hose. Seal the adapter and coupling on the hose with hemp or thread. When using a water tank as a water source, be sure to place it higher than the dishwasher to ensure adequate water pressure.

2. Prepare drain hose

Attach the drain hose according to the manufacturer's instructions to the water outlet of the table dishwasher. Make sure that the length of the hose is sufficient to hook or place it in a drain.

3. Hot water supply by boiler

If a water boiler is connected upstream of your connection point, you should definitely commission an installer without appropriate specialist knowledge of which special valves are required in the water supply. Heat and pressure can lead to serious damage to your dishwasher, including the risk of explosion.

Tips & Tricks

Make sure that mini-dishwashers have significantly longer program times than regular size dishwashers. During operation, temporary water supply and drainage must remain installed.

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