Use exterior dispersion paint: what is there to pay attention to?

Emulsion paint is considered the modern all-rounder among paints, it can be processed in many ways. In the field of facades, it has long successfully replaced the traditional lime paint, this is due to their many advantages and ease of processing. Of course, there are also some things to consider when using outdoors: we summarize the most important facts.

Not every emulsion paint is suitable for the outside

Many wall paints are only suitable for indoor use, they are often not sufficiently frost resistant. Also sometimes there is no adequate protection against abrasion or driving rain, which may remove the paint from the wall.

Be sure to use a marked exterior wall color when painting your façade, garden shed or garage. That's the only way to be on the safe side.

When painting the outside pay attention to the weather!

The weather must also be right for a successful exterior finish: In any case, you need a dry base for your emulsion paint, and the temperature should also be above 5 degrees Celsius.

In direct sunlight, painting becomes difficult, as the paint dries very quickly under these conditions: the result is streaks and visible marks. Paint your emulsion paint outside so better in the shade!

Substrate preparation for the exterior painting

It is not for nothing that the professional craftsman attaches great importance to careful preparation of the surface, as this ensures that a smooth surface is created that lasts many years. These steps should be done at the very beginning:

remove the old paintingSpatula, wire brush, high pressure cleanerCreating a sustainable underground
Clean the surfaceBroom, high pressure cleanerCreating a sustainable underground
Fill holes and cracksWall putty for exteriorSmooth the surface
Optional: primePrimer for outdoor useimproved durability

Tips & Tricks

Are you not sure which filler and primer are appropriate in your case? Get advice in a specialist market to find just the right material for your specific project!

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