Can dispersion paint be sprayed instead of painted?

Spraying a paint instead of stroking it has many advantages: The time and effort required can be significantly reduced and the construction site gets done faster. Due to the fine distribution is also a lower material consumption conceivable and hard to reach places can be achieved more easily. But is it even possible to spray emulsion paint on the ground?

Yes, emulsion paint can be sprayed!

Indeed, emulsion paint is sprayable! But it needs the right consistency and a well-prepared surface. A professional sprayer and an even guide ensure a perfect result.

As you can see, although spraying seems to be the simplest solution at first, the work can be more demanding than expected. With a simple spray can not create a quality wall coating, so much is certain.

With proper use of a professional device, the hard-working sprayer, however, rewarded with a wonderfully even surface without brush or roller tracks. Especially on smooth, even surfaces, this aesthetic application of paint attracts attention.

Which device is suitable for spraying emulsion paint?

airbrushfrom handy sprayer to high pressure machineFine atomization by compressed airfine color distribution, more suitable for home improvement
airlessMaterial pressure sprayingMaterial compression by a motorhigh work performance, rather a professional thing

This should be considered when spraying emulsion paint!

Airbrush devices are usually available in hardware stores but also online. You may even find a way to borrow such a device for free. As you work, look for the following things:

  • Protect all surfaces you do not want to coat with tape and foil.
  • Always wear appropriate respiratory protection when spraying emulsion paint.
  • Ensure a firm, firm and dry surface.
  • Guide the spray gun evenly over the surface evenly spaced.
  • Instead, lay several thin layers on top of each other as once too thick to spray.
  • Carefully clean the sprayer from inside and outside after use.

Tips & Tricks

You may need to dilute your emulsion paint before spraying: Try it with a little paint on a sample surface first if you are not sure.

Video Board: Molotow One4All Acrylic Spray Paint – Artist Demonstration