Dilute emulsion paint expertly

In many cases, it is necessary to dilute emulsion paint before painting because it is otherwise too viscous. This is especially true for high-quality paints that are not diluted, but have a particularly firm consistency. This is the best way to get a good paint that is not too thin at the end!

Stir emulsion paint well before use!

Before you begin to dilute your emulsion paint, it is advisable to stir it up well enough so that all components mix well. That's the only way you can tell what consistency the paint really has and whether you need to add water at all.

Normally, the color changes quite a bit during the stirring, so it is not really possible to judge whether it needs a dilution before:

  • During the long storage period, the binder often settles on the surface of the emulsion paint, it forms a milky layer there. Also, the pigments can sink as the heaviest substances in the paint. By stirring everything mixes again.
  • Some emulsion paints are designed so that they form a kind of gel at rest and reveal their true consistency only when stirred: then they become much more fluid. Here it would be fatal to add water before!

Check color consistency before diluting

Immediately after thoroughly stirring, check how the emulsion paint can be painted. The sample surface should be similar in texture to the substrate you want to change the color.

If the paint spreads well and penetrates to the depths even on rough surfaces, then the paint already has the right consistency and no longer needs to be diluted. If this is not the case, add water - but be careful!

Thinly dissolve emulsion paint

Remember, water can be added in any amount but can not be taken out again. You can also spoil your emulsion paint with too much water.

So add just a little water, stir the color thoroughly and do another swipe. Repeat this process until the result is correct.

Tips & Tricks

For very rough subsoil wells, preferably use a long pile reel designed to penetrate their fibers into all cracks. Maybe a further dilution is no longer necessary!

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