The emulsion paint stinks - is it spoiled?

Emulsion paints usually do not emit a particularly unpleasant odor, they lack the chemical solvents: that is why they are also so popular as wall paints for interiors. Another advantage is their long shelf life, the paints can be stored for quite a while before they get bad. What if the emulsion paint stinks?

About the durability of emulsion paint

The durability of each color is usually stated on the container, it applies to the unused, unopened product. As with most foods, it is a shelf life indication, which means that the paint can also be used for much longer.

In most cases, the specified shelf life is between 24 and 60 months, but once the container has been opened, this date is no longer valid. However, those who store their initial dispersion paint cool and with the lid closed will often be able to use it later.

But what if I lift the lid and notice that the emulsion paint stinks, but the substance looks okay otherwise? Bad odors can only mean one thing!

Stinking emulsion paint: germs have spread

A wall paint, which has smelled normal before and suddenly stinks after storage, is clearly colonized by germs. Even if the paint still looks good and can be spread, you should not use it anymore.

If you even paint it on the wall, hoping that the smell will fade when you dry it, you are probably spreading fungal spores and bacteria in the room. Dispose of a bad-smelling color for your own safety!

How do I recognize that emulsion paint has gone bad?

The wall paint does not always smell bad when its shelf life is exceeded. Sometimes there are other symptoms that the finish of your paint has finally expired:

  • The individual components no longer combine with each other when stirring, there is no homogeneous substance for brushing.
  • In the paint are lumps that can not be solved.
  • The paint has changed in color or there are moldy "specks" in it.

Tips & Tricks

If you want to paint your walls with an emulsion paint that has been stored for some time, first check it with your senses open. If the paint stinks or has any of the above properties, it has become poor.

Video Board: Old Emulsion Paint Smells Bad DO NOT USE