The disposal of aluminum in the recycling cycle

Fortunately, aluminum can be almost completely and repeatedly recycled. This also applies to the usual alloys that make up window and door frames and other components of buildings. The disposal leads to recycling of old aluminum, for which it should be provided as sorted as possible.

Aluminum is endlessly recyclable

Typically, components of a building, window and door frames are made of pure aluminum alloyed with other metals. This plays a minor role in disposal because most alloys can at least produce similar products. Typical alloying partners are:

  • zinc
  • copper
  • silicon

These alloys are broken down into their constituents when aluminum melts. Not all alloys can be separated during recycling, such as aluminum and magnesium. Also this melted scrap metal can be worked up again and process again, for example, window frames.

Altaluminium brings money

If there is a need to dispose of large quantities of old aluminum, the market price for the compensation of metal scrap may well cover a large part of the disposal costs. The price of aluminum fluctuates on the international commodity exchanges. Indirectly dependent on this is the price of aluminum scrap.

Decisive for disposal is the highest possible purity of variety, which is important to every potential buyer, such as scrap metal and metal dealers. For cleaned aluminum, also in alloyed variants, kilogram prices are paid between fifty and eighty euro cents.

Varietal purity for sale condition

In order to sell aluminum scrap such as old frames or panels well, the metal bars, angles and profiles should be freed from any other material. This includes:

  • adhesives
  • mortar residues
  • seals
  • silicone residues
  • Glass
  • profile deposits
  • deadbolt
  • Plastic panels
  • screw
  • surface coatings

Each aluminum component to be disposed of should be offered for sale in a "naked" form as a rod, plate or strip. In addition to relevant scrap metal and metal dealers, the aluminum manufacturer can also be offered to the manufacturer of the new trades in the event of a renewal of windows, doors and façade elements. For example, a discount of the new products is possible.

Tips & Tricks

They recognize fully recyclable aluminum on a round seal, around the small written designation "alu" two arrows with the tips at two and eight o'clock forming a circle.

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