The disposal of GRP is only possible by burning

The disposal of GRP has not yet been finally resolved. Municipal waste disposal companies accept GRP at different prices and burn the material. In many cases, the components and workpieces must be shredded to fit into the incinerators. The fees for the disposal are usually calculated by weight and commute with most disposers between one and three euros per kilogram.

The material is classed as recycled fiber grade seven, which does not require reuse. Pure sorted GRP is eliminated only by combustion. Some manufacturers of GRP are developing processes that work up GRP to make efficient fuel and use it in other industrial processes.

Especially in the cement industry both the calorific value and the mineral components of GRP can be recycled. As a disposal alternative, the end user can continue to use GRP components as covers, waterproof substrates and building materials for all types of vessels.

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