Quarrels between neighbors - when words can no longer help


For many inhabitants of the metropolis, the name of this city is synonymous with freedom and a high quality of life. But not infrequently this harmony of cosmopolitanism and indifference is abruptly broken. Then that is when the seemingly constantly celebrating neighbor even on Sunday night once again brings the walls of the shared tenement house to shake or even the own car that parks in front of the front door, is willfully damaged.

Cause often unknown

Unfortunately, in such situations it is not always clear who got the stumbling block going. As a rule, both parties are convinced of each other's guilt. Accordingly, solid evidence is usually missing completely. According to statistics from the Federal Criminal Police Office, only 24.8% of property damage reported in Berlin in 2015 was also cleared up. The number of unreported cases is much lower, because often the police are not even informed about simple property damage offenses. Thus, in a large number of cases, no clear perpetrator can be determined on a regular basis, which makes subsequent prosecution fail in the first place.

Only those who can clearly prove the misconduct of their counterpart, have real chances in court, to achieve a penalty for his disturber. Frequently, however, such procedures have already passed very early due to a lack of evidence, so that there is no charge at all. Accordingly, the involvement of private investigators continues to increase, as the detektei.berlin to report.

Property damage as a last resort

Not only insults are commonplace at the community garden fence. At a certain point, many people no longer know how to help themselves and resort to violence. Fortunately, this is usually directed only against things and much less directly against people.

Quarrels between neighbors - when words can no longer help: neighbors

Not infrequently ends a dispute in violence.

So it is not surprising that many people know or knew a neighbor who, for example, closes the door locks with superglue at night, destroys the clothes from the washroom or scratches the car as he passes by.

According to a survey by the online portal Statista, almost 10% of Germans have already left their home in the past due to disputes with a neighbor. In Berlin alone, 13.9% of respondents say that they have already gained relevant experience in neighborhood disputes. The opinion research institute GfK even reports even higher numbers for the whole of Germany.

The own procedure

One's own behavior should be well thought out in such a situation. Anyone who reacts too quickly runs the risk of even risking a lawsuit. Already a careless statement towards the neighbor can cause an ad for insult.

Even those who prevent someone from walking, because previously possibly a supposed offense was committed, can quickly make punishable because of coercion and other offenses and end up even in front of a judge. Because, what very few people know, it is very rare for private individuals to actually force someone to stay in one place. Anyone who does this nevertheless realizes the facts of coercion or deprivation of liberty.

Exceptions to this rule only apply if the perpetrator is affected in the act, is on the run or the identity can not otherwise be ascertained beyond doubt. Even if it is difficult, try to master yourself.

De-escalate and collect evidence

It is best that you try to keep calm and deescalate your neighbor or counterpart. Look for the conversation and explain your point as politely and calmly as you can. Conversely, listen to your neighbor and respond to his complaints. Always stay factual.

Quarrels between neighbors - when words can no longer help: neighbor

When the quarrel between neighbors knows no boundaries.

If your efforts are not successful, do not bury your head in the sand. If there is a reasonable suspicion against a specific person, it may be sensible to entrust a professional detective agency with the clarification of the matter. According to a study by the German Detective Federation (BDD) more than 60% of all orders are completely cleared up. At least 36% can be partially explained. A private investigator will help you collect evidence and, if in doubt, can positively influence the outcome of a lawsuit. In this case, a helping hand makes sense because obtaining evidence is not always uncontroversial. For example, you may not easily install a video camera that will film (or part of) your neighbor's property. Even entering a foreign property is prohibited without the permission of the owner. Act against that, make yourself punishable again.

Accordingly, it is easier and safer to hire someone who has experience in collecting evidence and knows the legal framework for such an endeavor. Otherwise, you may only face further disputes.

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