Is distilled water toxic?

Time and again the health risks of drinking distilled water are warned. But is distilled water really poisonous? And what damage to health can it cause? This post answers these questions.

Distilled water, distillate and deionized water

Distilled water is produced by first evaporating water and then condensing it. This removes all ions and dissolved components from the water. It creates ultrapure water.

Ultrapure water is used, among other things, in chemistry as a solvent. Because it no longer contains dissolved substances, it can dissolve other substances far better than conventional water.

Bidestillate is double distilled water. In order to prevent dissolution of silica from the condensation glass, the second distillation process is carried out in quartz glass.

However, demineralised water is only desalinated. During the desalting process all salts - ie all ions - are removed from the water by means of an ion exchanger. It is often also offered as battery water or ironing water.

DI water is cheaper to produce than distilled water, but it is not pure. Dissolved substances that are not ions can remain in demineralised water. In addition, there are pollutants from the exchange resins of the ion exchanger.

Health hazard when drinking distilled water

Electrolytes - salts dissolved in water - are vital to our body. However, desalinated water and distilled water no longer contain any salts and therefore dissolve the salts out of the body.

Particularly dangerous is the decrease in the sodium level in the blood plasma. Due to the distilled water more and more sodium is bound until it comes to an acute sodium deficiency in the body. This deficiency can be life threatening.

Necessary amount of distilled water for damage to health

To dissolve a sufficient amount of sodium to create a health hazard, a perfectly healthy and normal-weight person would theoretically have to drink around 17 liters of distilled water. However, this only applies if electrolytes and salt are not added to the diet at the same time.

In humans with existing lack of electrolyte or already existing health impairments, the dangerous amount of distilled water can also be significantly lower.

Health benefits of distilled water

None. The elutriation of electrolytes from the body is always considered problematic, even at low levels.

Ultrapure water does not solve "pollutants" in the body - but only essential salts. The Drinking Water Ordinance in Germany ensures that tap water can safely be consumed in large quantities and over a long period of time.

Where tap water is potentially questionable, you should better resort to decoction or mobile water filters as a makeshift measure.

Reverse osmosis also supplies ultrapure water. Due to the desalination, it is just as dangerous as distilled water.

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Reverse osmosis also supplies ultrapure water. Due to the desalination, it is just as dangerous as distilled water.

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