Digging a trench yourself with a rental device

From a few meters of length and depths of more than twenty centimeters, it is worth hiring an excavator to dig a ditch. For most individuals, there are mini-excavators that are easy and self-explanatory. A driver's license is not necessary. However, some precautions should be taken.

No driver's license required

If you want to use one of the usual rentable mini diggers, you do not need a driver's license. If the excavator can not drive faster than six kilometers per hour (km / h), no driving license is required on the road. Most mini excavators have a top speed of 4.6 km / h.

To dig a trench, the mini excavator should bring a dead weight of at least two tons. This creates an intrinsic stability that can hardly lead to the device falling over, even in the case of operating and driving errors. The diggers of the excavator are interchangeable and selectable according to the purpose.

Equipment with ejection device

When dredging pressure forces on the soil in the immediate vicinity of the excavation arise. If the soil is loose, it may cause the trench edges to collapse. To reduce the load and the risk, fixing plates are helpful, which allow a load distribution.

For sticky soil, as it is excavated from a clay soil, there are so-called ejectors for the fork or shovel. They should definitely be rented with appropriate soil, since a removal by hand, the dredging time is significantly increased and very strenuous.

Costs and insurance

The rents are at daily prices between 100 and 200 euros. In addition, a rent for a transport trailer is due if a car with a trailer hitch is present. The complete arrival and departure will be charged extra. Some DIY chains are working together with professional construction equipment rental companies. A deposit is usually charged. If you work with an excavator, you should have liability insurance. It is not compulsory, but extremely helpful in case of damage. The excavator itself is insured by the lender.

Tips & Tricks

To roughly calculate the working speed of your excavators, you should use the following rule of thumb: At a depth of fifty centimeters, it is easy to handle laypersons in about forty meters of trench per hour.

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