Multiple applications - bitumen roofing paint

The liquid bitumen paint has a variety of applications and is in the roof area, but also in many other craft areas among the most important and most widely used funds for countless purposes. What else you should know about the bitumen roofing paint, you can read here, as well as information about sources and recommended prices.

Bitumen roofing lacquer is not only used to protect weathered bitumen coverages

Although this is probably the most common use of bitumen coatings, but by no means the only one. Basically, it is suitable for everything that is to be sealed outdoors.

It also protects wood, sheet metal or fiber cement, as well as masonry and concrete. He is processed liquid. But it is also available as bitumen filler. The repair of roof sealing holes is also an important area of ​​application, especially for roofers.

Unlike what would be expected, bitumen roofing is not always black - in order to adapt to the different shades of different roofs, it is also available in red, green and many other shades that are common on local roofs.

Prices of bitumen roofing lacquers

One criterion is certainly the name of the manufacturer - as in all areas there are products where one already "pays the name". In general, prices start at around 4 EUR per liter, depending on the size of the container. Larger containers are of course usually a bit cheaper.

Composition of bitumen roofing paint

  • liquid bitumen
  • solvent
  • adhesives

Sources of supply on the Internet

  • The construction chemicals manufacturer has a large number of bitumen products in its product range, including bituminous roof coatings.
  • This manufacturer also carries a wide range of bitumen products.
  • Again, there are bitumen products.

That way you can save costs

A price comparison between different manufacturers pays off here in any case - the prices of the individual products can sometimes be very different. Even DIY brands from the hardware store can often be a relatively cost-saving alternative when it comes to bitumen roof coatings.

Tips & Tricks

Bitumen roofing lacquer is subject to a variety of basic processing rules, such as the need for priming certain substrates or closing cracks with bitumen filler before applying the paint. In order to achieve real tightness, these processing rules must necessarily be followed exactly.

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