DIY, decoration and handicrafts

DIY, decoration and handicrafts: handicrafts

my blouse show

Hard to believe, but true. I - Ricc, the convinced handyman with a fundamental distance to "Staubfängern", dare to look into the crafting scene and now watch the craft blogs for you. Maybe an interesting thing, because I see many things with different eyes, maybe it even brings me closer to the decorative work. We'll see it and relax along the way with interesting garden blog posts.

DIY, decoration and handicrafts

Coasters made of newsprint

Recycling is in and hardly anyone can do it anymore. This is obviously very easy and effective with old newspapers. Eigenwerk shows how to make interesting coasters from it.


Lift up garden chairs

A handyman does not pay attention, he painted. But well, here one thing on the other and I have to admit that Leelah Loves In the case had a great idea, which I will definitely remember.


DIY shirt

Right Creative feverthink about us men. Every now and then we are on something homemade. At least when it comes to shirts with our favorite tool brand. So dear home improvement women - read, learn and make your men happy.



New Christmas trees

Christmas trees? Now? Yes, certainly and if you think about it, a great idea. Who has the place, can plant his own Christmas trees. How are you doing? chaos garden, And do not worry, it is not really chaotic.


Uline's garden

Uline gives the motto Tomato Topfbeet a current garden panorama and impresses already powerful. Here you can get one eye and one or the other inspiration.


Garden ketchup and balcony chutney

Now we come back to my area. Grilling! Karin explains in a small but very interesting article on her plant health blog, how to conjure the red barbecue sauce from your own garden.


That's it, my first blog show on DIY, crafts and gardening. Since I am not that active in the scene yet, I would be glad about some support. You have an interesting blog? You know interesting blogs? Or you have read a great article? Report to me and help collect the most amazing posts of each week.

Greeting Ricc

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