DIY stores in the home improvement

DIY stores in the home improvement test

DIY stores in the home improvement: improvement

We test the German DIY market landscape for you: Where do you get the best prices, the best advice and the best customer service? The major German DIY chains promise do-it-yourselfers a lot: project consulting, professionalism and constant low prices. We want to measure these demands on the reality and put in particular also the on-line activities of the do-it-yourself temples to the test stand. Which DIY store has already arrived in the 21st century can be found here.

Bauhaus in the test

DIY stores in the home improvement: improvement

Bauhaus was the first: in 1960, a large hall was opened in Mannheim for the first time, in which everything was available around the subject of building, which had to be bought up in many small shops so far. Whether the German construction market pioneer still meets the requirements of the sophisticated DIY taste, they learn at Bauhaus in the test.

Hornbach in the test

DIY stores in the home improvement: home

Hornbach promises good advice and project orientation for home improvement and professionals. The inventor of the combination of DIY and garden market, listed since 1993, is based on a small Palatine company founded in 1877. The advertising of Hornbach is innovative, funny and present on all channels. But can the hardware store keep its promises? We'll show it to you at Hornbach in the test.

hagebau in the test

DIY stores in the home improvement: home

hagebaumärkte has been around since 1979, and since then, the franchise-based network has spread throughout Germany. Cheap prices, high quality and competent advice are promised here as elsewhere. Especially with the hagebaumärkten but you should also take a look in the e-commerce channel. Learn more at hagebaumarkt in the test.

toom hardware store in the test

DIY stores in the home improvement: improvement

toom DIY stores have been around since 1978, so Cologne is comparatively short in the German hardware store business. In recent years, the store network has grown significantly through mergers and acquisitions. We check for you whether service and competence have grown along with how the company is performing online. Find out more at toom Baumarkt in the test.

Obi hardware store in the test

DIY stores in the home improvement: improvement

A French mother and an American father. Or the other way around. Coming to Germany in the 1970s and starting in Hamburg, Obi quickly became one of Germany's best-known brands. What the reasons for this reputation could be and how good the DIY stores really are, we check at Obi Baumarkt in the test.

Baumarkt Test award ceremony

Seven categories, six participants, but only one winner, the title: Baumarkt Test winner may receive. To whom we give which price and who can set the crown you will learn in our hardware store test award ceremony.

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