Save electricity while doing DIY - with the right electric tools!

Do-it-yourself is fun and in many cases saves the cost of hiring a professional craftsman. If you're on the road cost-effectively, you'll want to be cheap at home-improvement yourself. In addition to buying materials with an optimal price-performance ratio, this also applies to the power consumption that occurs during your work with electric saw, drill & Co. From the electricity tariff to the energy efficiency of individual appliances, there are various indications as to how to be price-conscious when dealing with home improvement and not have to worry about expensive consumption costs.

Do not underestimate power consumption of e-tools

Before you move on to your next home improvement work, the basic question is: Does an electric tool need to be used at all or does manual processing suffice? For the use of conventional tools speaks of non-existent power consumption, so you save in any case. Also the physical challenge with classic tools is an incentive and becomes a small workout in your hobby cellar.

Save electricity while doing DIY - with the right electric tools!: right

Not every step requires an electric tool.

Of course, there are jobs in which the effort is too great and the use of power tools seems to be without alternative.

If you have to do dozens of jobs a day while building and renovating, you'll be glad to get relief from powerful devices. Depending on the power tool, it is possible to adjust the power steplessly or staggered.

Adjust the performance of the device to your actual needs. Remember, with every watt less that your power tool delivers, you'll also reduce the power consumption of the device as a home improvement.

Consider energy efficiency when buying tools

Many do-it-yourselfers are active with electric tools that were bought years or decades ago. In those days little attention was paid to the intelligent combination of power and consumption, so that older electric tools become real power guzzlers.

Save electricity while doing DIY - with the right electric tools!: electricity

A table saw makes easy straight cuts, but it is not particularly "easy" in power consumption.

When considering new acquisitions, the power consumption should be an important selection criteria, in addition to price and specifications. Drills, saws and similar tools for coarse and powerful work, because of their performance anyway have a higher consumption than simple kitchen and electrical appliances, so a comparison is very worthwhile.

Similar to quality labels for electrical appliances from the kitchen and household, you can easily learn about energy efficiency when purchasing tools. Compare the consumption and energy values ​​of the devices in the specialized trade, anyway neglecting here technical features and the required performance values. Also in reviews of magazines and independent platforms online, the power consumption and other energetic properties flows.

Optimize costs for the kilowatt hour of electricity

If you have filled your toolbox with the ideal e-tools, you can still start with the current yourself. In Germany private and commercial customers have access to a wide range of electricity tariffs in which they pay a different amount per kilowatt-hour.

Save electricity while doing DIY - with the right electric tools!: right

A supplier change can reduce electricity costs.

The more frequently you are active in DIY and use electrical tools as often, the more you can save when switching to a low-cost electricity tariff.

A look at your existing electricity contract shows you how quickly you can change the electricity supplier. Without a longer contract, it can succeed within a few weeks to obtain cheaper electricity and more safely use your e-tools in home improvement. Of course, the savings advantage also applies to business customers who can lower their operating costs by comparing and changing.

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