DIY stores with own brands

DIY stores with own brands: brand

DIY stores of DIY stores are popular with customers (Photo: OBI)

DIY stores own brands are still on the rise

Private labels play a central role in almost all sectors, even in the competitive environment of DIY chains and do-it-yourself offerings. Which DIY store brands are particularly well-known and are being purchased here is examined by a current population-representative online survey by the market research and consulting institute YouGov among 1,000 German citizens.

Respondents tend to call themselves Obi's customers (33%). This is followed by practitioners (28%) and toom (21%). Bauhaus (19%), Hornbach (17%) and Max Bahr (12.5%) occupy the ranks 4 to 6. In all the age groups surveyed, the respondents most frequently refer to themselves as Obi brand customers. With one exception: For the 25 to 34 year olds Praktiker is at the top of the podium, ahead of Obi.

Variolux is the best-known private label in the do-it-yourself sector

DIY stores with own brands: stores

Private labels at the POS. But private labels are also becoming increasingly interesting for online retailing. (Photo: bauhaus)

The best known own brands in the DIY / Do-it-yourself sector is the OBI brand Variolux. Third place goes to an OBI brand with Dekoline. The second best known own brand is called Trendline. However, this is not offered by a hardware store, but by the hypermarket Globus. Places 4 and 5 go to the brands Classic (OBI) and Hercules (Bauhaus). As a buyer of one of the own brands mentioned, the respondents refer above all to the brands Variolux, Classic, Dekoline, Trendline and Genius Pro (toom own brand).

"DIY stores are currently in a very exciting phase of communicative upheaval. The industry is pushing online commerce massively and new channels are being tested as part of a successful multi-channel strategy, including social media. Especially here, well-known and appreciated own brands can be ideally used as a hanger for practical assistance or attractive offers, "explains study leader Stephanus Tekle.

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