Hardware Market Test: Bauhaus

Hardware Market Test: Bauhaus

Hardware Market Test: Bauhaus: test

Bauhaus opened its first DIY store in Mannheim in 1960. It was with 600 square meters forward-looking for the entire industry, because you had to go until then for construction projects in many individual shops. All markets are owned by the (unlisted) Bauhaus Aktiengesellschaft.

We are testing the Bauhaus stores to see if they stopped in the 1960s or if they meet today's home improvement requirements.

number of stores

185 branches worldwide
120 branches in Germany
largest branch: Düsseldorf-Gerresheim (with 28,000 square meters largest European construction market)

15 specialist departments

building materials
Electrical installation
Paint / wallpaper / Gallery
to shine
Parquet / laminate / panels
city ​​garden
Carpets / interior items
Tools / Machines

For which customer type suitable?

Building Professionals


24 h - order service by phone
picture framing
Color Mixing Center
Exchange and fill gas cylinders
Rental service for special tools
delivery service
installation service
Gift voucher
wood cutting
Sharpening service
wallpaper book

Special additional offer

"Drive-In-Arena": Drive your car or truck to a building materials hall and transport the required building materials there immediately

Social media

In the field of social media, we are testing to what extent and how far DIY stores are dealing with and engaging in the medium of the Internet. Do you have profiles on Facebook and Twitter? How is a homepage ordered? And is there a service beyond that, e.g. a shop where you can rent tools

Spots, advertising, slogans
Bauhaus advertises with the slogan: "Bauhaus - When It Might Be Good". Behind this is the following concept: "Best selection, first-class quality, cheap and close"

For commercials Bauhaus relies on events rather than permanent presence on television. The events, mostly in the field of sports, are integrated into the topic of the spot. This is what happened in the two following examples for the Ice Hockey World Cup 2010 in Germany as well as for the Soccer World Cup 2010 in South Africa.



Positively noticed

Presence through branches:

With 120 branches in Germany alone, including the largest in Europe, Bauhaus is represented nationwide. Do-it-yourselfers can be sure that they always have a hardware store nearby.

Large product range:

At Bauhaus, there is apparently nothing that does not exist. At least in the DIY sector. With a total of 120,000 items in the range you should always find the right tools, wood, plants, etc.

Variety of services:

Anyone who wants to tackle a bigger project will not be left alone at Bauhaus. The wide range of services offered should help every home improvement in the realization of their own projects.

Informative Homepage:

The Bauhaus homepage can be quite confusing with its occasionally many menus. At the same time, however, the information value is very high when one learns of all the offers that Bauhaus currently offers, one can locate every branch and generally everything about Bauhaus can be found on the page.

Negatively noticed

No online store:

The weaknesses of Bauhaus reveal themselves in the use of the Internet, even if the Bauhaus homepage can certainly score points. The lack of an online shop in such a large hardware store chain is hardly to excuse. As personal as a telephone conversation may be; it suppresses the possibility of being able to use the Internet at all, e.g. to rent a tool.

Weak social media appearance:

Other weaknesses in the use of the Internet are evident in the use of social media applications. A Twitter profile is not even available and on Facebook, the appearance of Bauhaus apparently hardly maintained. Otherwise, it would be even more incomprehensible why the profile still has the status "in progress".


Above all, Bauhaus DIY stores score points on the ground with a huge range of products and helpful services. However, the service for those who want to inform themselves from home, severely limited. You only have the option to use a hotline or to deal with an answering machine. An online shop would be quite appropriate. Especially the young audience prefers to focus on other DIY stores.

The following applies: The DIY stores of Bauhaus are TOP - the appearance outside is a FLOP

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