DIY market test with seal of approval of

DIY market test with seal of approval of test

Our homepage has just tested the biggest German DIY stores and has determined two winners.

Altogether, has been tested by six German DIY stores. Here, branches of Obi, hagebau, toom, Praktiker, Hornbach and Bauhaus were examined in the areas of service, reach, online presence and advertising. The result: None of the German DIY stores had extreme defects. Every hardware store has its own strengths and weaknesses. Obi and toom, for example, have the edge together in terms of the services offered: sewing services, practical courses, color mixing and much more bring the oases into the German service desert.

The overall victory reaches Bauhaus. The hardware store giant impresses with store size, selection and a subtle, but functional online presence and thus performs well in most categories.

Praktiker was able to prevail in the price / performance category. Although the self-proclaimed discount store has only a limited range, but keeps the balance between low prices and good quality.

Obi has a clear majority of stores in Germany: The DIY store with the beaver unites 530 stores under its brand name globally, making it kingdom king. toom only comes in second place, as the individual toom markets have different assortments and also differ considerably in size. Incidentally, the largest individual DIY store in Europe has by far the Bauhaus: 2.8 hectares of space are lent to the Düsseldorf-Gerresheim branch by airport dimensions.

Even in the online area something is happening: Hornbach has by far the funniest advertising and is extremely well positioned in online marketing. The viral video campaign with Blixa Cash by the band "Einstürzende Neubauten" is so absurdly funny that it's almost artistically valuable: its "dramatic realization" of the Hornbach Prospect is in a class of its own. In the e-commerce sector, by contrast, hagebau has best recognized the signs of the times: The online shop has won awards and is unrivaled in the home improvement sector.

Here you can see the complete test online: Baumarkt Test

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