Build a DJ table yourself - that's the easiest way

If you like making music and have your own mixer and DJ equipment, you also need a suitable DJ table. Depending on where you would like to accommodate the table, and what demands you put on the table, you often have to grab the DIY. You can find instructions for this in our article.

Need for DIY

DJ stands are quite ready to buy. They can also be adapted to your own needs. However, the problem is often the price of such lectern (sometimes up to 2,000 EUR) and on the other hand, the look that does not always fit into your own living room.

Anyone who builds a DJ console himself can, on the one hand, design it as he really needs it and, on the other hand, choose a design that fits in well with his own living room and his own interior design style.

DIY - DJ console: step by step

  • matching Ikea shelf (about Besta, Kallax or similar)
  • Hardboard (a few mm thick)
  • jigsaw

1. recesses on the upper cover plate

Mark the necessary recesses with light pencil strokes and saw out carefully with the jigsaw. Work slowly. Put the cover plate on trial and mark the required cut-outs on the rear and middle wall.

2. Cut out the middle wall and rear wall

Saw out the required recesses on the rear wall and the middle wall. Insert top shelves (on which the units are located). Saw hardboard and lie under the equipment. These should now be flush with the top edge of the cover plate.

3. Attach the panel

In the front part, saw through a panel for the space between the shelf and the cover plate and insert. For this, wood but also matching hard foam can be used.

Tips & Tricks

In our instructions turntable and mixer are embedded in the cover plate so that they are flush. If you want, you can also frame the saw edges on the cover plate and cover them in this way.

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