Do I need a building permit for my carport?

In the first part of our series, we provided instructions for a self-built carport. But before you roll up your sleeves for this relatively complex construction project, there is another important question to be answered: Is a building permit required for the practical car shelter - and what does it cost? The answer is relatively complex, because carport is not the same as carport.

Is my carport subject to approval?

Fixed structural changes in Germany are usually subject to approval, exceptions, the construction law, for example, for play equipment like play houses in the garden or arbours below a certain size. However, these may not include living and recreation rooms.

A carport is a fixed structural change with a general permit requirement, which is due to the size of the construction project. However, there is also an exception to the rule, especially because the building laws in this country are regulated regionally.

So you will meet in your local authority on very individual rules that can not be generalized. Not only the question of whether a building permit is needed, you should clarify directly on site in the building office, but also ask the appropriate building conditions.

The walk to office: What should I bring with me?

Already on your first trip to the authority, which serves pure information purposes, it is worthwhile to have a sketch of your project with you. You should not have started construction at this point, otherwise you may have to make expensive subsequent corrections.

Enter the dimensions of your carport, which includes the footprint as well as the height. Additional rooms must be named and described. A decisive factor is the roof: carports with flat roofs are more likely to be approved than those with a pitched roof.

With a small carport with a flat roof, there is a relatively big chance that you will not need a building permit. For larger structures, such as a double carport, possibly with a tool shed and pitched roof, you will probably need a permit.

To bypass the building codes: build carport without permission?

It is not advisable to avoid going to the office and to build the carport without permission. If the building office learns of your black building, it could in the worst case happen that you have to tear it down again and pay a fine.

Neighborhood complaints have often led to an unauthorized carport being discovered and having to be dismantled. The building permit for a carport, however, is not that expensive, so it's not worth the risk.

What belongs to the building application?

If you have to submit a building application for your carport, then it is best to send in the complete papers from the outset. Otherwise, there will be unnecessary delays in your construction due to constant demands.

Check with your local authority for what exactly you need to submit in your particular case. These documents are common in a building application:

  • completed application form of the competent authority
  • specifications
  • Architectural drawing with floor plan, side views and section
  • possibly expert proof of stability
  • Type static in finished carport
  • current excerpt from the associated corridor map in the scale 1: 500

Land maps are available at the Surveying Office, which usually incur separate charges. A DIN A3 print costs about 20 euros, larger prints are around 40 euros. Also pay attention to the required minimum fee! You may save money by downloading the map.

Various regulations in individual federal states

The individual federal states regulate their building regulations quite differently, so it is unlikely in Schleswig-Holstein, Thuringia, Saxony-Anhalt and Saxony, that you have to submit a building application for a carport. As a rule, such buildings are free of permits.

The federal states of North Rhine-Westphalia, Bremen, Hamburg and Bavaria have stricter regulations, in which case you will most likely have to submit a building application for a carport.

In the other federal states, the decision depends heavily on the square footage of the carport: Below a certain basic size of about 30 to 40 square meters, often no building application is necessary. Details can be found in your building office.

What are the costs for the building permit?

The resulting costs are in different amounts. The permit fee is around 50 euros per person, but varies depending on the region. In addition, there are possible surveying costs, static assessments, costs for a proof of stability etc.

Since different proofs are required for each carport, the final price for all required documents is very different. Also think about the costs for the area maps! With an average of 100 euros is to be expected in any case, sometimes with significantly more.

After the approval, start building

Start only after receipt of the written permission with the carport construction. Pay attention to any conditions included and change your blueprint accordingly.

The minimum distance to neighboring property should always be granted, this must be taken from the local building codes. You may need a written consent from your neighbor if the new carport is too close to the border.

Tips & Tricks

As a rule, the manufacturers of prefabricated carports supply important documents for the building application, such as the complete building description, construction drawings and static information. That can be very helpful in case of doubt.

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