Do It Yourself: Why "Ossis" are the better home improvement

Do It Yourself: Why

The east shows the west where the home improvement hammer hangs! The new Forsa survey on the day of the craft leaves a deep impression: artisans are very popular in Germany. Whether it is about the car or the sanitary facilities, one likes to have a craftsman come or visit him in the workshop. It is not only the quality of the work that counts, because the German also rates the service through accessibility and friendliness. However, many things are done in the Federal Republic itself. Drill holes and replace seals? Over 82% prefer to rely on their own skills rather than letting someone come. Even with wallpapering and fitting exchanges, more than 40% still like to do everything themselves. Things are different with electrical and tile work: Here, the number of orders to craftsmen goes up significantly, just as with the washing machine repair. But it is also clear: You do not play with electricity and erupting drums!

It is also interesting, however, that in the western part of the republic people call the craftsman more often than in the east, as the survey shows. Why is that? I think that you have to dig deeper into the story to understand the context. From a reliable source, I know that the people who used to grow up in the GDR have generally done many things themselves. What was natural for us in the West for years was self-made in the East at that time. Not for nothing they had a hammer on the flag: If you approached the state at that time on the A2, you saw already from the distance: From here is worked!

Who wants to see busy home improvement...?

Or according to the slogan of a detergent manufacturer: While we are still amazed in Villa Wessi, there is already a lot of paddling in Villa Ossi! It became clear to me when I came to the German Armed Forces in 1997 and had two comrades from Saxony with me in the room. Jan was a trained butcher, Marco was a bricklayer! Although I was older than the two, but as a fresher graduate of any appointment yet had no idea. Somehow weird, right?

At some point I got with, as the two asked the instructor, where on the barracks the gym ("the weight room") was. The instructor said that this was just for the officers, but not for ordinary recruits.
Jan's eyes widened and he wanted to know why there was no "weight room" available to the recruits.
"Do not know," said the instructor. Then shrug. "Maybe too expensive?"
Jan touched his head: "Man Marco, did you hear that? Too expensive! We used to weld the equipment together over there! "Then turned to the instructor:" Do you have welders? "
Now the instructor's eyes widened. Shaking his head, he left the hall. Do it yourself was probably a stranger to a senior staff officer, if it went beyond screwing in a light bulb.

The topic of DIY was already a hot topic among the East German comrades. One evening, shortly before the tattoo, the NCO of the service stuck his head in our room, Marco looked up with bright eyes from his gun book: "Is it true that the inventor of the Uzi has built his first gun from the frame of a prison bed itself ? "
The UVD started, but quickly recovered: "What a nonsense! Turn the light off!"

In the dark I could hear Marco shaking his bedstead...

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