DIY-novel "Nailing wants to be learned" to win!

Nomen est omen - that's what Melitta fears, whose life dribbles like coffee through the famous filter bag. The family is annoying, the parents-in-law are a catastrophe and Felix enriches the relationship only with dirty laundry. But then Aunt Eulalia is at the door. She has set her mind to marry Melitta with her attractive neighbor and praises her niece as a skilled craftsman. Just stupid that Melitta has never struck a nail in the wall. But she does not only dream of Georg since yesterday. Aunt Lali has a solution ready: The Ladies Night in the hardware store is to make Melitta a master in wallpapering and laminate laying. Is this Melitta's salvation - or her demise...?


Well, curious? The Ullstein-Verlag has kindly 10 copies of this romantic comedy about the chaotic home improvement queen Melitta for a Contest made available. Fun reading lessons for home improvement and home improvement are guaranteed. If you prefer to read our blueprints, you can also give it away as a gift.

And so you can participate:

Have you ever had a fun or whimsical home improvement mishap? If so, we look forward to your description (of course, with proof photos) that you want to be learned with the subject "Nailing wants to be" until the 30th of September 2013 to the following e-mail address:

[email protected]

alternative you can also post your experiences as a comment and - if you have documented the shame - link to the pictures.

The 10 funniest submissions / comments win an issue of nailing wants to be learned. Please do not forget to specify the e-mail address. Your data is guaranteed to be used only for the competition and then deleted immediately!

Have fun and good luck!

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