Build the docking station yourself

Build the docking station yourself

Build the docking station yourself: docking

A nice docking station for mobile phone or pad is clearly in the category: "Gifts to do it yourself". A very nice, manageable DIY project.
Depending on the taste and furnishing style, such a home improvement product even becomes a decorative object.

A beautiful piece of well-stored wood, preferably without much resin (so rather no coniferous wood) and a bit of manual skill - you need more than that. If possible take local wood. In our example here we took chestnut, which is very light and nice to work with. There are very attractive wood species to carve and work on, not just Linde, just have a look.

Obtaining a good wood for a workpiece is crucial to the success of machining. There are very noble and interesting pieces, in general, everything is suitable, which is also suitable for carving. Where the linden wood offered for that purpose is very light and hard.

Material requirement and tool list

needed tools

  • saw
  • drill
  • chisels
  • file
  • angle

Material requirements:

  • Wood piece about 19,90 EUR
  • Sandpaper about 4,49 EUR
  • Possibly. Color or oil about 4,60 EUR

Rejoice, if you can get hold of a nice piece to your taste cheap and well deposited. Insufficiently deposited wood tends to form cracks.

Build the docking station yourself: docking

The material for the docking station-here chestnut wood

If you want it to look natural, like the example in our guide, then a piece of a thick branch or small trunk is a good choice. If it comes in a rather objective style, then get a square block.

A matter of taste is also the finish. Whatever your preference: oiled, painted or polished. Since cell phones and pads usually look very modern, a natural look is a nice contrast.

As far as the device for the charging cable is concerned, connectors and sizes sometimes still change, just like device sizes. Therefore, the cable is simply carried out and the device itself placed on a sufficiently large contact surface at a comfortable angle.

Take the idea to build a docking station yourself, just in your repertoire of homemade gifts and have fun crafting.

Step 1: Prepare wood

For a piece of natural wood from a branch or trunk, the bark may need to be removed first.

If you have a moisture meter, you can measure the remaining moisture for safety's sake. That should be around 8%, so that the moisture content of wood in our latitudes usually settles down. However, this is well below the residual moisture content of firewood, which should be below 22%. So please do not just use a log of firewood if it's going to be a present. Or at least one that has been forgotten for many years, stored dry.

Build the docking station yourself: yourself

The second part follows as closely as possible

Build the docking station yourself: yourself

The first part of the cutting is sawn

Build the docking station yourself: station

A screw clamp or similar fix the wood

Step 2: Saw the docking station in a rough shape

A slight slope is for handling and also, to read on the screen pleasant. Even the entire piece can have a very slight slope to the rear.
The section is roughly marked on one side. Then you saw this shape as evenly as possible, which saves you a lot of grinding work. For the slot at the bottom of the cut, cut in parallel for the recess.

Build the docking station yourself: docking

Also in front, as marked

Build the docking station yourself: station

A 1.2 cm deep incision is sawn

Build the docking station yourself: docking

The depression is displayed

Step 3: preshaping and file the recess

The recess is prized with a small chisel and a hammer from the side and then worked out clean with a wooden file.

Build the docking station yourself: station

The file follows the chisel

Build the docking station yourself: station

Always stay horizontal, otherwise the pad will later go awry

Build the docking station yourself: yourself

A controlling glance shows where work still needs to be done

Step 4: Drill the Docking Station

For the cable, a fairly large hole must be drilled from the back into the recess at the front. Then drill out the cable guide again from above in the recess.
In any case, you should test several times in this phase, whether the cable can be done well. If it still hooks, then work until it works fine.

Build the docking station yourself: wood

Grind curves by hand

Build the docking station yourself: docking

Grind surfaces with the angle grinder

Step 5: Finish for the wood

Finally, you can paint or oil your Dokingstation - depending on your taste.

In any case let it dry well and if you want to have a shiny finish, you can also polish the docking station. But a natural, dull contrast to the high-tech device also has something.

When it comes to building a docking station as a gift, of course, the taste of the recipient is more important than your own. Orientation gives you the furnishing style.

Build the docking station yourself: build

The test has passed the docking station well

Build the docking station yourself: station

Docking station built yourself

Build the docking station yourself: yourself

Oil well with a silicone brush

Step 6: Testing

Now it goes to the use test. Check if the device is in the balance when you place it in your home-made dunking station. Try if you like the slope to look at the screen. Consider whether you need an additional recess to better get to a certain head.

Change everything that does not seem to suit you yet and then: Enjoy your latest DIY project. You have made a docking station yourself and it is unique.

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