Dog bed comparison 2018

Kaufberatung zur Hundebett Vergleich or Test 2018

  • A dog bed is a padded bed for your dog that can be used as a retreat and sleeping place.
  • Pay attention primarily to the size of the bed: A dog bed can only be too small, but not too big. Dogs are restless and like to stretch out.
  • Your four-legged friend will quickly accept and appreciate the new resting place. A durable and washable sleeping bag not only makes life easier for your pet, but also for you.

Dog bed comparison 2018: your

In Germany in 2015 about 8 million dogs live together with their owners. In addition to the cat, dogs are the most popular pets in this country, because they have always been a loyal friend and companion in all circumstances.

But you should not let it go too far with fidelity: In your bed, a dog has no business! There are the products from our dog bed Comparison 2018 - we tell you what it really matters when buying a dog bed.

1. Over 12 hours of sleep are not uncommon for dogs

Literally "dog tired"

The saying "dog tired" is no coincidence! Dogs have a very strong need for sleep. The four-legged friends spend more than half of their day sleeping. To be exact, even whole 20 hours a day, If your dog does not get enough sleep, it may Diseases and aggression have as a consequence. So always make sure you have enough rest and relaxation.

Anyone who brings a dog into the house, of course, first think of the typical dog articles:

  • Dog Collar
  • dog leash
  • Dog Toys
  • Dog Crate

With this selection of dog accessories you can leash your four-legged friend, transport him by car and satisfy his play instinct. But many forget that a dog spends many hours a day asleep. Dogs prefer to sleep in a quiet and charming environment.

To provide your dog with such a place to sleep, you can different types of dog beds use:

Roost typedetails

Dog bed

Dog bed comparison 2018: 2018

  • mostly quite flat mattresses
  • available in different colors and shapes
  • mainly fabric and foam as material
  • Dog beds made of imitation leather and real leather other variants

Dog basket

Dog bed comparison 2018: beds

  • usually higher than dog bed
  • Dog baskets made of willow and other materials
  • Pasture dog baskets have long life
  • Attention: Please note entry level when buying


Dog bed comparison 2018: sleep

  • shaped like dog beds
  • mostly without edge
  • often well padded
  • Washable in most cases

Dog sofa

Dog bed comparison 2018: beds

  • smaller replicas of sofas
  • available in different designs
  • usually higher
  • optimally complements room furnishings
  • often more difficult cleaning

dogs cave

Dog bed comparison 2018: comparison

  • also called dog houses / huts
  • closed
  • only one entrance
  • both indoor and outdoor versions available
  • offers more security and protection

dog blanket

Dog bed comparison 2018: your

  • already very cheap available
  • easy to clean
  • suitable for the washing machine
  • flexible use
  • however, do not offer as much comfort as real dog beds

Which Advantages and disadvantages on Dog bed offers, here's an overview:

  • Plenty of space: Dog beds are optimally tailored to the size of a dog.
  • Upholstery: In a dog bed, a dog can sleep comfortably and without pressure points.
  • Raised border: A boundary at the edge offers the dog a kind of cushion and a spatial border.
  • A dog bed is not a cave and is therefore less suitable for particularly anxious animals.

2. Dog bed: How to find the best dog bed

2.1. Dogs like to stretch out

Dog bed comparison 2018: comparison

A dog bed can never be too big.

Have you ever watched your dog while sleeping on the dog sofa or dog bed? Unlike cats, dogs are dogs by no means quiet sleeperswhich, once rolled up, do not move for hours.

Often a dog moves when it sleeps. He stretches in all directions, sometimes rolling on his back and rolling from one side to the other. For this reason, a dog bed should always be slightly larger than your dog when it stretches out.

But how big should the dog basket be? Your dog should be able to lie in the outstretched state and in addition still 20-30 cm clearance so he does not feel constrained.

Depending on the breed, the size of the dog box can of course vary greatly, so larger dog breeds like Magyar Vizsla or Golden Retriever often already XXL dog beds, But do not worry: Again, the right model can be found quite quickly.

Rule of thumb: A dog bed can never be too big! So always plan on spending a little more space to ensure a pleasant sleep for your pet.

2.2. Easy-care material and removable covers

Even house-clean Dogs cause dirt, The four-legged friends like to carry "prey" in their dog basket to eat there in peace. For that reason, you should look at the Choice of material Be careful:

  • Polyester: A popular and easy-care material made of synthetic fibers. The soft and cuddly surface humans and dogs alike feel comfortable, but the claws of the animals can get caught in the fabric. Polyester dog beds arewashable and easy to clean.
  • Nylon: If you run your hand over a nylon dog bed, you will probably perceive it as a little cozy - but a dog has with the smooth and discreet rough surface no difficulty - on the contrary: The dog sweats less in a nylon dog bed. Nylon lets itself easy to clean and low in odor.
  • Leather: If you do not like plastics, a leather dog bed is an option for you. Especially in winter it keeps the dog warm and his robust surface makes it durable. The big disadvantage of leather dog beds is that it very caring is.

In addition to the real leather variants, there are also dog beds made of synthetic leather, which are easy to clean, in contrast to real leather. Cheap Art Leather Dog Beds You can already get some online for 30-35 Euro.

Regardless of the care of the various substances, you will also find numerous other models on the Internet. Very popular too Wooden dog beds, These wooden dog beds are then either braided, available as so-called "wicker baskets" or, in fact, as wooden boxes where a dog pillow can be packed.

2.3. Shape and color: everything your heart desires

Dog beds in gray, White, black or maybe colorful? The market offers all kinds of dog beds and leaves nothing to be desired. But also in size and shape, the models vary. For example, there are XXL dog beds in various designs, be it round ("Dog Donuts") or rectangular.

Tip: If your dog is a little heavier, be it due to size or because of overweight, you should definitely pay attention to a stable sleeping space, as too soft dog beds tend to sag and thus no longer provide padding.

2.4. Other useful features - orthopedic dog beds

Dog bed comparison 2018: 2018

For every dog ​​there is a suitable dog bed.

Depending on which material the Cover your dog basket exists, other useful properties may be added. If you want a washable dog bed, for example, the cover should be water repellent. Here you can always buy covers made of imitation leather.

There is also orthopedic dog beds, These stand out primarily by their core from other dog beds. Dog beds, which have a foam core, for example, ensure an anatomically correct posture of the spine during sleep.

Foam cores higher quality and dimensionally stable and relieves the pressure at the support points. They also have one analgesic and circulation-promoting effect on your four-legged friend.

2.5. Important brands and manufacturers

Both dog beds from Knuffelwuff and dog beds from Hunter and Kudde dog beds could be found in numerous Prove dog basket tests.

Below we have once all known dog bed manufacturers clearly listed for you:

  • Knuffelwuff
  • Wolters
  • Fatboy
  • Kebl
  • Nobby
  • Lex & Max
  • Hundebettmanfukatur

But not always it has to be a brand model. Discounters such as Aldi or Lidl often have dog accessories on offer. So always keep your eyes open to the end of the squatterscheap dog beds to be.

3. The proper care of dog beds

Dog bed comparison 2018: comparison

Always ensure sufficient hygiene at the sleeping place of your dog.

In order to be able to provide your pet with sufficient hygiene and a pleasant place to sleep, proper care is important. In order for you to do everything right, we have compiled the most important tips and procedures for you.

3.1. Aspirate the dog bed

Regardless of the material of the dog bed, the cover should at least once a week be sucked off. Depending on how much dirt your dog brings into the house or how much coat he loses, the frequency may of course vary.

It is best to use one for this Upholstery brush for animal hair or a suitable hand vacuum cleaner. There are also special ones Pet Hair Vacuums, which have proven themselves many times with animal lovers.

3.2. Washable dog beds

After vacuuming, the wiping follows, but this is not possible with all materials. However, you are looking for a model leatherette decided, you can safely wipe the cover with a damp cloth, Special microfibre cloths are ideal for this because they absorb dirt particles and hair very well.

3.3. Washable dog beds

In addition, the dog bed should be washed in regular intervals. Imitation leather models are less attractive here. Fabric and plush covers should be in Gentle cycle be washed to prevent the shrinkage or distortion of the mold.

Some washing machines even have a special one Animal hair-washing programwhich can filter more animal hair during washing than a conventional washing machine. By the way, such a washing program is also suitable for clothing if your dog tends to lose a lot of hair while having cuddles.

Danger:We advise against aggressive detergents, as they can damage not only the artificial leather material, but also your dog.

4. Important questions and answers

4.1. Which dog bed is suitable for puppies?

Dog bed comparison 2018: comparison

Sufficient sleep is essential for a healthy development of your dog.

Beds for puppies should definitely be durable be, because especially the young dogs try everything out. From the teeth and claws to the shops. In the latter prove also easy-care and waterproof models.

In addition, dog beds for puppies sufficient stability offer and at best non-slip be, because the little ones are still very shaky on the legs at first.

Dog owners recommend special for puppies Plastic tubsbecause they have rubber feet and are also often provided with nubs. For enough comfort, a dog pillow or a dog blanket can be added.

4.2. Is there already a dog bed test of Stiftung Warentest?

Although the test portal has already performed numerous dog food tests, there is still no specific one Dog bed test of Stiftung Warentest, which is why we do not have you at the moment Dog Beds test winner present.

In our dog bed comparison 2018, you will find both a general comparison winner and a price-performance winner. In addition, you can look in our product table all current models and find a suitable dog bed for your four-legged friend.

4.3. How often should you wash a dog bed?

Dog bed comparison 2018: beds

Set up the dog bed in a quiet place to give your dog a retreat.

At a washable dog bed can usually be the Remove the cover and easy to clean in the washing machine. But how often should this happen?

For a sufficient hygiene in the sleeping place of your dog, the dog bed should Washed once or twice a month and regularly vacuumed and brushed offbecome. Depending on how much dirt your dog brings into the house, it also offers a more frequent cleaning.

4.4. Where should you set up a dog bed?

Place the dog bed in one secluded corner of your apartment and teach your pet (for example with the help of snacks) to be that cookie retreat is. A dog has to be able to pull back and rest during sleep and exhaustion without being disturbed.

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