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  • The dog basket for the bicycle is suitable for small dogs up to a maximum of 20 kilograms. You can choose between models that you attach to the handlebars and those that you mount on the luggage rack.
  • In a Hundefahrradkorb can also be transported easily puppies, sick and old animals that may not run far. But some models have practical carrying functions and can be removed quickly.
  • Before you buy a dog bike basket, you should take into account the dimensions and weight of your dog. Also, the proposed bicycle model, the brand and the manufacturer play a role in the purchase decision.

Hundefahrradkorb comparison 2018: comparison

Of course, if you like to ride a bike and have a dog, you can not stay at home on two-wheeled trips. After all, there is nothing better for the dog than a trip with the whole family into the countryside. With a Hundefahrradkorb you take your four-legged just with traveling. Even dogs that are not allowed to walk long distances - such as puppies, old and sick animals - can be transported comfortably with the bicycle basket.

Which basket for you and your team on wheels is the best dog basket depends mainly on the size and weight of your dog. In addition, dog baskets for bicycles have different benefits when attached to the rear or front. Do you know this, is a beastly crazy bike ride is not to slow down.Our purchase advice will help you make the right choice and shows in the Hundefahrradkorb comparison 2018 the various models at a glance.

1. Bicycle basket for the dog in front - everything in view

Hundefahrradkorb comparison 2018: basket

A dog basket from the category handlebar baskets is ideal for small dogs.

With a bicycle basket attached to the handlebars for the dog, you have the advantage that you can observe your dog throughout the trip. This is what you see directly when, for example, he becomes nervous or feel uncomfortable in his coat. Nevertheless, the dog does not affect your view.

If you own a mountain bike, a dog basket for the bike on the handlebars is the only option anyway. Because this type of bikes often has no luggage rack. However, most dog baskets are intended for the front only for very small dogs with a maximum weight of usually 8 kg. The exception is a dog basket for the bike in XXL, which is even up to 16 kg loadable.

warning: The more weight you attach to the handlebar, the more the steering and handling will be affected. Especially in bends, when the dog moves, weight shifting can be dangerous. With a Hundefahrradkorb up to 12 kg, it is usually difficult to drive. If you are not an experienced driver, a model for the carrier is the safer choice.
Tip: For e-bikes: Cycling with a bike with an auxiliary engine is, of course, much more comfortable - especially if you are transporting another passenger. Keep in mind for e-bikes that they usually have a larger frame diameter than bicycles without an electric motor. Make sure that the universal holder for the steering wheel fits the frame size of the e-bike.

2. Hundefahrradkorb for the rear of the luggage rack

Calculate weight correctly
In order to calculate the permissible weight of your dog, deduct the weight of the basket from the permissible total weight. Example: Permitted total weight: 12 kg - dog basket 1.5 kg = allowed dog weight: 11.5 kg

If you have a dog that weighs more than 8 kg, a bicycle dog basket on the back of the rack is an alternative. The larger models are suitable for transporting animals up to a maximum of 20 kg. A major advantage even with a dog bike basket of 15 kg is the better weight distribution while driving.

Although you do not have your dog in view, it is either protected by a grille in the basket or can be additionally secured with a leash. Most products of this type are also characterized by a larger space.

The dog bike baskets are to be mounted differently. If you do not want to use the luggage rack permanently, we recommend a quick-release fastener.

Tip: The dog bike baskets are to be mounted differently. If you do not want to use the luggage rack permanently, we recommend a quick-release fastener like the KLICKfix luggage rack adpater.

2.1. The most important advantages and disadvantages of dog bike baskets for the rear at a glance:

  • suitable for dogs up to 20 kg
  • better weight distribution
  • more space and comfort for the dog
  • no eye contact with the dog

3. Purchase criteria for a Hundefahrradkorb

3.1. Comfort and handling

Hundefahrradkorb comparison 2018: your

A dog bike basket with KLICKfix can be assembled and disassembled in no time.

For your and your dog's comfort, it is advisable if the bicycle basket has the following features:

  • Carrying bag is easy to open and clean
  • Easy mounting by attaching to the handlebar or Klickfix lock
  • Ways to create light and air vents
  • Carrying handle that makes the basket usable as a carrying bag
  • Mesh inserts ensures good air circulation

3.2. Hundefahrradkorb: comparison and criteria at a glance

Decisive factors for the selection of a dog basket for the handlebar or the luggage rack are besides the criteria just mentioned also aspects such as the material. A plastic or wicker dog basket is especially popular. Below is an overview:

TypeHundefahrradkorb frontHundefahrradkorb behind

Hundefahrradkorb comparison 2018: comparison

Hundefahrradkorb comparison 2018: basket

mass5, 6, 8, 10, sometimes up to 16 kg10, 12, 16, 20 kg
  • Natural material such as willow and rattan is weather-resistant, but weighs more, only partially suitable
  • Plastic such as EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate), nylon and polyester 600D is lighter and softly padded
  • Natural material likeWide and Rattan is weather resistant and well suited for the porter
  • Plastic such as EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate), nylon and polyester 600D provides more comfort through soft padding
  • Hang on the handlebars
  • Also available with KLICKfix adapter (handlebar)
  • Mounting on the luggage carrier
  • KLICKfix adapter for faster assembly
  • Reinforced frame ensures additional stability
  • Safety clip that provides dog collar or harness safety
  • Protective grid can be closed
  • weatherproof
  • Reflectors in the back
  • Protective grid can be closed
  • weatherproof
  • Optional safety clip that attaches to a dog collar or harness
Tip: For upholstery, make sure the pillows are removable and washable.

4. FAQ - important questions and answers

4.1. Which dog breeds are easy to transport in a dog basket?

Hundefahrradkorb comparison 2018: hundefahrradkorb

Also in the back, the little Pinscher is fine.

All dog breeds up to 20 kg can be transported with a bicycle basket for the luggage carrier. These include, for example, the following breeds:

  • dachshund
  • Jack Russel
  • pug
  • Yorkshire Terrier
  • beagle
  • Cocker spaniel
  • French bulldog

4.2. Dog bike baskets in the test

A Hundefahrradkorb is cheap to have. So there are already models from 20 euros. Unfortunately there is still no Hundefahrradkorb test and thus no Hundefahrradkorb test winner of the Stiftung Warentest.

But if you opt for a good model of well-known brands like Trixie, PetEgo or Rixen & Kaul Doggy Basket Plus Fix with weather protection, you usually do not go wrong.

4.3. Which alternatives are there for the dog basket for the bicycle?

If your dog weighs more than 20 kg, dog bicycle trailers are a good alternative to the dog basket. It also drives big dogs like Golden Retrievers safely. The pendants are available in different sizes and widths - for both large and small dogs. Often also smaller dogs like Pinscher in a dog trailer feel more comfortable because of the spacious space.

After all, the four-legged friends can move better in it and are not too tight. And even for you as a driver, such a model offers an advantage: You are not distracted so quickly by watching the dog and the driving dynamics are hardly affected.

4.4. How do I get my dog ​​on the bike basket?

It does not matter if it's the rear or the dog bike basket at the front - a test with your own bike and the dog is the prerequisite for the first joint bike tour. The first step is to get the dog used to the basket.

This is best done on the ground and of course with a small reward. Put your dog in the basket and give it a treat. Verbally, you can encourage your four-legged friend to do something well. Once he gets used to it, close the guard for a few seconds and wait for the reaction. It's best for you to decide when your little friend got used to his new mobile home.

Most dogs get along pretty quickly. Of course, there are exceptions and very nervous animals that rather shyly counter the whole thing. Once your dog has accepted the bicycle basket, it will start the first test drive. You can also test the weight yourself - either on the handlebars or on the luggage rack. To do this, push the bike a bit and see how the steering feel changes with the basket. Now put your dog in the dog basket and push the bike first. This is the best way to observe his reaction.

Feel sure you and your dog are spinning a little round together and rewarding your little friend with a snack. Quickly your dog will get used to the driving noise and a hassle-free bike ride is nothing in the way. We wish you and your dog an enjoyable ride and lots of fun on your bike tours through the city or in the beautiful nature.

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