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  • A dog box is used to safely transport a dog. Outbreak-proof transport boxes are suitable for traveling by car or travel by plane, while lightweight plastic models are designed for the local transport of the quadruped.
  • Whether you need to go to the vet or want to take the dog a few stops on public transport: A dog box provides security. However, the size and the right material are important so that your dog can not only travel safely but also comfortably.
  • A dog box made of aluminum is usually escape-proof and intended for long trips; Boxes made of plastic are built for short distances on foot and therefore weigh much less. Make sure that your dog can stand upright in the box without having to bend.

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Vacation or air travel, vet visits or driving in the car: A dog box is always used when a dog should be transported safely and as stress-free as possible, Depending on the means of transport and dog breed, it is important to select the dog transport box before the trip and to get used to the four-legged friends.

Dog box comparison 2018: 2018

The dog on vacation

Every dog ​​owner knows situations in which he has to separate from his four-legged friend - but what about the annual leave?

Over 60 percent of Germans take your dog with you and do not leave it with relatives or a foster home.

In our dog box comparison 2018 we explain to you, what you at the Choice of a transport box must pay attention and tell you what to consider when transporting a dog.

1. If you do not properly secure your dog in the car, you must pay 35 to 75 euros fine and get a point in the criminal record

The fine catalog is quite clear on the subject of "animals in the car": Who just puts his dog in the car and hopes that an applied dog harness or dog collar are sufficient errs.

From a legal point of view, an animal in the car is a cargo - no person. For a cargo that is in the vehicle, the following provisions apply:

"Cargo, including cargo securing equipment and cargo handling equipment, shall be stowed away and secured so that they can not slip, fall over, roll over, fall down or generate avoidable noise, even during emergency or sudden evasive movement. The acknowledged rules of technology must be observed. "

Regulations for charging a car
(§22 StVO)

Conversely, the lack of a dog crate in the car can cause your dog to act as a dog insufficiently secured is declared. The consequences can be expensive, as the following overview shows:

Offense (dog without transport box)punishment
Insufficient protection of the dog35 €
Inadequate protection of the dog with danger60 € + one point
Inadequate protection of the dog with property damage75 € + one point
Dog transport box for the car: The safest and most comfortable way of transport is the Use of a transport box for the dog.

The safety of a dog in a car:

  • The box can be on the back seat, on the passenger seat, in the footwell or im trunk to be placed.
  • The box should always be transverse to the direction of travel stand.
  • The box should come with a Antirutschmatte and straps be fixed and may not slip even with sharp braking or even fall over.

Dog box comparison 2018: 2018

2. What types of dog boxes are there?

Basically you can two types of dog boxes differentiate, which have both different uses and designs.

Box Categorystatement

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A carrying box is a simple dog box, mostly foldable and easy to carry is. It serves to bring the dog to the doctor or to a nearby foster home - but without a car. As a safety method in vehicles a foldable dog box is often unsuitable.

easy to carry
easy to use
also suitable as a dog bed

not suitable for transport in vehicles
Plastic - can be damaged by the dog

Storage box

Dog box comparison 2018: your

Who wants to use a dog box in the car, should resort to a solid dog transport box made of aluminum, reminiscent of a small dog cage. The advantage of aluminum is the immunity towards the teeth and claws of your dog as well as the high stability, They are ideal as a dog box for the car, but less for short-term transport.

high stability
suitable for transport in the car

very high weight
sometimes difficult handling

Dog box comparison 2018: transport

3. Dog Boxing: The size and material are crucial

3.1. How big should a dog carrier be?

That's fine most critical criterion when buying your personal dog box winner is the size, If the box is too big, it offers the dog no security; If the box is too small, use it to torture your pet.

A rule of thumb:

  1. Height: A dog should be in a transport box stand upright can.
  2. Width: The double width of your dog should be available inside the box.

Dog box comparison 2018: your

Interior and exterior dimensions are twofold:

Be careful with the information from manufacturers! If you are reading the measurements for your new canine Autobox often meant the external dimensions and not the interior, This value is relevant if you want to deposit the box in your trunk, but your dog will not be interested in the exterior dimensions.

For convenience, you can use the following table to help you get a rough idea of ​​the dimensions of transport boxes.

S-BoxM-BoxL-BoxXL boxXXL Box
approximate size:
~ 45 x 55 x 65 cm
approximate size:
~ 55 x 65 x 75 cm
approximate size:
~ 65 x 70 x 85 cm
approximate size:
~ 90 x 85 x 90 cm
approximate size:
~ 95 x 90 x 95 cm
  • Chihuahua
  • terrier
  • basset hound
  • beagle
  • Border Collie
  • Harrier
  • boxer
  • Dalmatian
  • envelope
  • Landseer
Set the sizes (specified in width x height x depth) rough guide values You must be sure to measure your dog before buyingbecause every dog ​​breed or animal has an individual size that can vary widely.

3.2. The material - aluminum or plastic dog box?

The choice of material is crucial when it comes to the quality of a dog box.

  • aluminum: The silvery light alloy is aluminum scratch-resistant, stable and compared to other metals very easy, It is suitable for the safe transport of dogs in the suitcase space of your car. A good dog box made of aluminum costs at least 50 euros.
  • nylon: These synthetic fibers make a dog box light, tear-resistant and very easy-care, The downside of nylon is the lack of breathability, A nylon dog transport box in the car is therefore extremely unfavorable, especially on hot summer days.
  • Other plastics: Is your XXL dog box, for example made of polyester, then it will easy to clean and also cheap to be in the acquisition, but probably little resistance to the claws of your dog can afford.

4. Questions and answers around the topic dog box

4.1. Which manufacturers and brands of dog boxes are there?

Especially well-known manufacturers of dog accessories such as Trixie or Hunter also convince with the quality of dog crates. But the number of providers is significantly higher, as you can see in this overview:

Dog box comparison 2018: your

Simply tethering the leash is not enough in case of doubt: This Jack Russel is not secured properly.
  • Trixie
  • Schmidt
  • Stefanplast
  • Leopet
  • Hunter
  • Tectake
  • Zoomundo
  • Kerbl
  • Nobby
  • Deuba

4.2. Which dog box can I use on the plane?

Here you have the Specifications of the IATA (International Air Transport Association). Very important: A foldable dog box is not allowed on a planebecause it is too unstable and unsafe - even if your dog weighs less than 9 kg and is allowed into the passenger compartment.

If you buy a cheap dog box, be sure to Outbreak Defense and IATA Approval, Your dog must not be able to get out of the box during a flight - in your own and in the interests of the dog!

4.3. How can I make my dog ​​a pleasant journey?

  • Even the best dog box should be you buy in time, not just before the trip starts.
  • At home you can Offer a box as a dog bed and ideally with the favorite dog pillow of your four-legged lay out.
  • Once your dog uses the kennel as a storage and occasionally uses it as a place to sleep, you can start short trips by car to train. Help your dog perceive the box as something positive, as a safe retreat.
  • If you want, you can Dog box continues to use for your home, It is particularly suitable for anxious dogs who like to lie in a covered "cave".

4.4. What does Stiftung Warentest say about dog crates?

The Stiftung Warentest has published on 25.08.2016 a contribution to the subject of dog boxes. The renowned foundation advises safe boxes that are placed transversely to the direction of travel, Also, a good fixation is emphasized that you make best on tension lines or straps.

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