Dog Harness Comparison 2018

Purchase advice for dog harness comparison or test 2018

For many dog ​​owners, walking is automatically linked to a collar and a leash, especially in large cities. In recent years, however, has gradually one Trend enforced, which is much more pleasant for the best friend of man: the dog harness.

In our dog harness comparison we have summarized all important information short and compact, so you already Knowing in five minutes, which is the best dog harness for your four-legged friend and his claims.

Dog Harness Comparison 2018: comparison

1. Why not fall back on the well-tried dog collar?

Dog harness or collar? This question may ask one or the other dog owner, if he is thinking about the right accessory for his dog. Therefore, we have clearly listed the main advantages and disadvantages of the dog harness with respect to the collar for you.

  • The dog can move the neck and head more freely
  • Dogs can not easily get out of the harness
  • the stop for the dog handler is increased: the dog can not easily break free
  • Dog harnesses are usually more expensive than collars
  • The coating may take a little longer, but with a little practice but without problems

The biggest advantage though:

A harness protects the cervical spine, the larynx and the neck muscles of the dog.
PETA Germany e.V.
(World's largest animal rights organization)

2. The different forms of dog harness


Dog Harness Comparison 2018: comparison

  • easy to put on and take off
  • often provided with a handle on the back
  • no waist belt: well suited for more sensitive dogs
saddle dishes

Dog Harness Comparison 2018: 2018

  • corresponds in many aspects to the Norwegian dishes
  • the trademark is the wider and eponymous back section

Dog Harness Comparison 2018: harness

  • This harness runs between the two front legs and creates the typical T-shape.
  • especially suitable for dogs with less broad ribcage
  • has next to the thorax loop yet another in the abdominal area
special dishes

Dog Harness Comparison 2018: 2018

  • among the special harnesses are, among other things, the Zuggeschirre shown on the left
  • These are less suitable for everyday walks, but rather for special tasks such as pulling a sled

3. These points should be noted when buying

We have listed all the essential points that you should tick off in your personal dog harness test:

First of all, you should know in which situations the harness should be used for the dog. For the normal Gassigehen, for example, a Norwegergeschirr enough. If the dog is to be carried while cycling or jogging, however, a guide harness is recommended: This allows the dog to be better controlled and guided.

Dog Harness Comparison 2018: comparison

The choice of the best dog harness also always depends heavily on the dog itself. Depending on the size of the dog and the chest circumference, for example, again offers the harness. Also The ideal dog harness for anxious dogs should ideally have a waist beltso that the four-legged friend can not escape from it.

Also important is the choice of the right material: Here you should make sure that the material feels good - for you and the animal. In particular, pressure points should be avoided, which is why the adjustability of the harnesses is significant.

The upholstery beats in the same direction: Especially if your dog moves a lot and tugs frequently on the leash, but also if you carry it with you during sports, a well-padded harness is elemental.

Let the dog decide. Watch out for your dog's reaction and any sores to find out if your pet is comfortable with the harness. Whether expensive or cheap dog harness: Ultimately, your four-legged friend decides who his personal dog harness is test winner.

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