Build kennel yourself

Build kennel yourself: yourself

Dog kennels offer our four-legged friends, beside Protection against wind, cold and sun, also a retreat and your own little kingdom. This does not only apply to farm dogs. Even house residents can comfortably afford us company in a doghouse during long summer evenings.

For that should be one Dog kennel not only big enough, but also comfortable and well insulated his. Our example shows a kennel, which with Betoplan plates stable enough and by waterproof glue and waterproof plywood also withstands every weather. In addition, should also insensitive stainless steel screws be used.

Optionally, an attached terrace provides space for sunbathing or a clean feeding area.

tool list

  • jigsaw
  • Cordless Screwdriver
  • table saw
  • Random Orbit Sander
  • To force
  • spade drills
  • brush
  • duct tape
  • caulking gun
  • bucksaw

material list

32longitudinal bar9003520larch
Front and back wall
62outsides6956389BFU 100
94upper archway3503520larch
102Door sidebar3253520larch
112Archway bar2103520larch
side walls
122outside966559BFU 100
144longitudinal bar4483520larch
top, roof
161top9907604BFU 100
183roof rack63514018Betoplan
214backdrop hingegalvanized
support grid

(* BFU 100 = waterproof glued veneer plywood)

Build kennel yourself: roof

sign plan

Click here to save the drawing in large format.

Step 1: Preliminary work and the floor plate

Build kennel yourself: yourself

Drilling the wooden strips

Build kennel yourself: strips

Screw the wooden frame of the side walls

First cut the Betoplan plates (positions 2 and 13) and strips of positions 3, 4, 14 and 15. If you do not have the necessary tools, you will be Such work often also in the hardware store accepted.

If all wood strips are sawn, these can be drilled and with the Bolted bottom and side panels become. The corresponding Holes should be pre-drilled to avoid a bursting of the wood. Screw clamps help with the fixation and allow a correct assembly.

Build kennel yourself: strips

Fix inner lining and screw on

Build kennel yourself: strips

Insulate sidewalls and apply glue

Step 2: Insulation and front door

Build kennel yourself: roof

Apply outer lining

Build kennel yourself: yourself

Cracking the gable side with a compass

In the next step, the side panels with the Wooden slats laid up and the interstices with Styrofoam or Styrodur lined. This insulation protects the doghouse from too a lot of heat or cold, Finally, the sawn outsides (position 12) can be glued and stretched with PU adhesive.

For the tearing of the gable form on the front (position 7), a Auxiliary hole drilled after drawing and a simple compass prepared. This consists of a wooden strip with two holes at a distance of 500 mm. One hole is screwed to the hole in the front and the other is touched with a 500mm radius pencil.

Similarly, the door arch can be torn by another hole at a distance of 205 mm.

With the jigsaw, the door and the Sawed out roof arch and this also transferred to the back wall.

Build kennel yourself: build

Saw the contour of the gable walls

Build kennel yourself: kennel

Saw the sheet strips

Step 3: Saw out the gable

Build kennel yourself: yourself

Position and mark bow strips

Build kennel yourself: strips

Saw the contour of the finished gable wall

So that both gable walls (position 7) get exactly the same shape both strained and ground the round roof shape, In addition, the strips (positions 10 and 11) are positioned and marked on the door opening.

Likewise, the strips of the roof structure (positions 8 and 9) must be prepared.

To guarantee an exact position, the sidebars (position 8) first the upper angle aligned, sawn and the correct position of the upper curved strips determined. For this it is important that they give a closed edge after the round cut (see drawing above). Only when everything is properly positioned and marked are the side rails (position 8) trimmed down to the exact length.

Build kennel yourself: roof

Saw roof carrier

Build kennel yourself: strips

Saw the angle of the roof trim strip

After a good preparation, the gables can be glued. For this purpose, all strips (positions 8, 9, 10 and 11) are aligned individually and glued to the gable walls (position 7). The previous crack helps with alignment.

In the next step, the Interstices re-insulated with Styrofoam and the gable outer sides (Position 6) can be glued. After the specified drying time, everything is sawn according to the contour of the gable insides.

The Gable sides are thus finished and the gable arch can on the roof rack (Item 18) and these are sawn. It is the same now possible the exact angle to determine the roof trim strips (position 19) and saw them on the table saw.

Step 5: The roof

Build kennel yourself: build

Bolt roof trim strip and roof rack

Build kennel yourself: strips

Glue and fix the first side of the top of the roof

To the To be able to correctly position end strips (position 19), the roof supports (position 18) must be adjusted become. For this purpose, the measure of the end strips is transferred and shortened the corners of the roof rack accordingly. Finally, the roof beams and end strips must be glued and screwed together.

Now the roof frame can be glued to the top of the roof (position 16). For this Work step is another helper necessary, as between the application of the adhesive and the tension with screw clamps not too much time should pass.

Build kennel yourself: strips

completely glued roof top

Build kennel yourself: kennel

Screw on the underside of the roof

Step 6: Final assembly and painting

Build kennel yourself: yourself

Attach hinges to the side walls

Build kennel yourself: roof

Apply paint

In the last assembly step, the roof underside (position 17) is screwed under the roof. For this purpose, it is necessary that the positions of the hinges (position 21) are marked and recessed.

Is this Roof mounted, the positions of the hinges can be transferred to the side walls and screwed there become. In this case, the hinges do not serve to move the roof. They should give the opportunity to open it by removing the hinge pin, without tools.

All can finish Surfaces sanded and painted with weatherproof paint become. As additional protection, all outside corners are covered with profile strips.

Build dog kennel yourself

Build kennel yourself: build

If the beloved four-legged friends like to lie outside in the garden, then the dog owner soon asks if it is not too cold, too wet, too sunny or too hard on the floor. As a handyman, the next project is quickly fixed: A doghouse build yourself or, build a cat house - depending on the type of animal family member.

This is a shady place for a dog or cat, which is protected against cold and moisture from below and rain from above. The kennel should also look good and should be easy to care for as well as mobile. Well, that is relatively easy to implement. To ensure that the small mobile home does not distort, good material is required. This manual uses screen printing plates. They are also used for example for the construction of trailers and the like, which speaks in favor of their suitability.

Good wood protection or wood species suitable for outdoor use are certainly good alternatives. However, the choice of wood protection should always use an environmentally friendly material that is well tolerated by the animals.

Material requirement and tool list


3 screen printing plates 12 mm

  • 80 x 50 cm screen printing plate per 14,08 EUR
  • or 120 x 70 cm screen printing plate each 34,50 EUR

Sandpaper set about 6,99 EUR

Wood glaze about 11,94 EUR


  • Jigsaw or router
  • brush

The size of the cat or dog house should fit the size of your four-legged friend. So just measure a preferred mooring and modify the dimensions accordingly.

Step 1: Plan the size of the kennel or cat house

The dog house or cat house has the shape of a triangle. In order to actually achieve the desired lying surface, the unusable acute angle must be taken into account. It's best to draw a plan. If you are planning a lying area of ​​60 x 60 cm, then the width of the boards is already fixed at 60 cm. The length corresponds to about lying area + 30 cm.

In the above example, the wooden panels would have to be 90 by 60 cm in size.

Build kennel yourself: roof

Build kennel yourself: build

Step 2: Mark cut

The length of the cutouts is always half the width of the wood panels and the height is 2 cm. Whereby this can be more with another plate thickness, because the plates are pushed into each other at an angle of 60 degrees. The distance to the outer edge is always 10 cm.

Build kennel yourself: kennel

Build kennel yourself: build

Step 3: sawing or milling cutouts

If you have a router, you should use it because it can be guided very precisely along a rail. Otherwise, a jigsaw leads to the goal. Always saw or mill the cutouts as accurately as possible.

If you work with a jig saw, you can drill through the corner points at the end of the cutouts to be able to use the saw there for the short cut. The hole must have a diameter that is at least equal to the width of the saw blade.

Build kennel yourself: strips

Build kennel yourself: roof

We used both methods to compare these instructions. In both cases we have a metal rail with screw clamps attached. Surprisingly, in our test our jigsaw does not bring a clean cut while the router convinces. That can however also lie on the saw blade

Build kennel yourself: build

Build kennel yourself: build

Step 4: Sanding

Bumps are smoothed. Starting with a rather coarse sandpaper (eg 80 grit) and finally with a finer grit (eg 240 grit).

Step 5: Wood protection

Build kennel yourself: roof

Depending on the material, all open areas must be provided with wood protection.

When using screen printing plates, these are just the sawing edges.

For example, you can use a solvent-free glaze in the appropriate color.

Step 6: Build

The structure is very simple. An extra pair of hands is still really helpful. First, the roof is put together and then pushed in the bottom plate. Done is the homemade kennel. Now it is only necessary to accustom the pet to the new place. Treats work wonders in most cases.

Build kennel yourself: build

Build a cat house yourself

For a cat, a cat house is what a doghouse is to a dog. So who his Cat wants to offer the same comfort as his dogwho can build a nice cat house. How exactly this works we show you with our cat house blueprint.

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