Build dog kennels

Build dog kennels: kennel

A dog kennel is a not uncontested accommodation for a dog: So he has one have a certain minimum size and should be varied and comfortable his. Because a dog, which is mainly kept in the kennel, should not be bored in this.

Our kennel is therefore very generously designed, with an area of ​​50 m² it is quite suitable for the attitude of several dogs and needs a large lot. But he has plenty of exercise and in rural areas you often have so much space left for the four-legged friends.

Build dog kennels: kennels

Dog kennels are not controversial among animal rights activists. In Germany apply for the accommodation of Dogs in kennels exact legal regulations.

Crucial for the Size of the kennel is the so-called withers height of the dog, ie the shoulder height of the standing animal.

Depending on this size, the following rules apply:

  • Withers height up to 50 cm → floor area at least 6 m²
  • Withers height from 50 to 65 cm → area at least 8 m²
  • Height at withers over 65 cm → area at least 10 m²

If two dogs are to be accommodated in a kennel, must for the second dog half the area is calculated become. In our kennel you could therefore legally accommodate five Danish mastiffs - or two happy dogs with a lot of exercise.

Dog kennels building materials and top view sketch

Build dog kennels: kennels

Top view sketch

Our entire blueprint is fully scalable in all sizes, i. You can also build a kennel of 30 m² or 10 m² - in this case you only have to Length of required wire mesh, the amount of support posts and shrouds, and the number of steel staples to adjust.


  • 13 squared timbers, 220 x 9 x 9 cm
  • 13 impact sleeves
  • 30 m chain link fence, height 200 cm
  • 70 m fence wire
  • 6 fence tensioners
  • 150 steel staples
  • 2 steel hinges, min. 100 mm, stainless
  • 1 sliding bolt with counter plate
  • 2 boards, 195 x 10 x 1.6 cm, impregnated
  • 2 boards, 175 x 10 x 1.6 cm, impregnated
  • 3 boards, 100 x 10 x 1.6 cm, impregnated
  • 3 boards, 80 x 10 x 1.6 cm, impregnated
  • 40 wood countersunk screws, 3.5 x 30
  • 42 M6 hexagon wood screws, 40 mm


  • sledgehammer
  • Cordless Screwdriver
  • hammer
  • Possibly. nail gun
  • Measuring tape, min. 10 m

Turn in the driving collars and fix the pegs

It starts with rough work: hit according to the drawing in one Rectangle every 245 cm an impact sleeve in the ground; At the door you have to leave one meter between the two posts, 145 cm to the left of the door.

Now the Squared timbers inserted in the driving sleeves and with four M6 wood screws in front and behind screwed. The skeleton of the kennel is already here.

Mount wire mesh

Start to the left of the door with the assembly of the wire mesh: Per post you should keep everything reliable, 10 metal staples for attachment use. A second man is indispensable to keep the fence.

Wrap the fence once around the complete kennel; usually you have to go ten meters to start a new roleYou just come up with the next roll on a jamb with Connect metal staples together, Pay attention to one as possible tight tension of the fence and for safety's sake pull two circumferential fencing wires with tensioners 30 cm above and below the fence edge.

Install kennel door

The Door of dog kennel build on an offset systemwhich saves on fittings and screws. You have to do the following:

  • First place the two 195 cm boards on the floor and the top, bottom and middle of the three 80 cm boards in between.
  • Now a layer of wire mesh, 190 x 95 cm, is placed on the boards and fastened with metal staples.
  • Now place the 185 cm boards and the remaining 100 cm boards onto the construction and screw the short boards with three screws from each side and the lengths with five screws.
  • Now attach the hinges to the left door jamb and to the door, on the right side the sliding bolt is mounted.

Build kennel and create dog pool

The kennel is ready - the homey equipment is still missing. With a beautiful doghouse, a dog pole for swimming and splashing and a tree root for climbing You can make the kennel comfortable, even some bushes or small trees complete the offer.

In the following we present you some building instructions that theMake dog life worth living in your kennel.

Build doghouse

Build dog kennels: kennel

Dogs need a home: If you keep your dog outside in the garden, it should offer a stable and nice weather protection. With the FESTOOL construction manual for dog kennels you can build a cozy dog ​​home yourself.

Build dog pool

Build dog kennels: kennel

Dog Pool? Yes, there is something like that. Also in the trade. But these solutions are mostly mobile, a bit shaky and hardly suitable for large dogs. We have a construction manual for a dog pool, adaptable to your dog, no matter if Pinscher or Great Dane. Make your four-legged friends a summer joy - build a dog pool.

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