Dog Harden Comparison 2018

Purchase advice for dog comparison or test 2018

  • Dog tandems help puppies and older quadrupeds, who are not able to overcome differences in height or not. This way even less skilled dogs get into the trunk, on the couch or up the stairs.
  • The two types of folding and telescopic dog ramps can be differentiated according to the category mechanics. There are also differences in the material of the different models.
  • Many dogs have to get used to the car ramp. After the first sniffing, running on the ramp should be practiced. So the dog learns in which direction he has to walk and that he does not miss.

Dog Harden Comparison 2018: harden

If your own dog does not have the strength or power to reach the trunk, it needs support. Especially with large dogs, even the loving master can not lift the cronies each time.

With our Hunderampen comparison 2018 we give you a very practical tool for such cases at hand. You will receive a detailed buying guide to help you find the best dog light for your dog and we will give it to you Tips on how to get your dog used to the new ramp.

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1. Why do you need a dog light?

As you grow older, it becomes increasingly difficult for dogs to jump. Guilt, as in humans, is the joints. To make it easier for the hairy friend to get in the car, a dog light can help. Theseis simply leaning on the trunk and the dog comes in and out comfortably and safely.

Dog Harden Comparison 2018: 2018

Dogs like to stick their heads out of the window because they can absorb so many new smells. As much as the dogs love the fresh breeze, flying stones and injuries when braking threaten.

But even puppies who can not overcome long distances, helps such a ramp. This way, young dogs can overcome stairs and keep you company thanks to the dog light on the sofa.

2. Purchase criteria for Hunderampen: You must pay attention to this

2.1. The mechanics: folding or telescope

When it comes to different species of dogbark, you can start with distinguish two types according to the mechanics, A folding ramp is a foldable aid and just needs to be unfolded. The more often it can be folded, the more compact the pack size. There are also telescopic ramps. These dog lamps are extendable and the stepless mechanism makes them particularly flexible. When pushed together, it is relatively compact.

Folding dog rampTelescopic Dog Ramp

Dog Harden Comparison 2018: dogs

Dog Harden Comparison 2018: dogs

simple mechanism
few attack sites that can be damaged
small pack size
especially flexible
lightweight material
modern design
relatively large pack size
not very flexible
higher risk of injury when pushing together
Mechanism can freeze

2.2. The material: That's what keeps you going

In principle, three materials can be distinguished in this category, which come purely or as a mixture.

  • plastic: It's light and yet stable. Plastic is particularly affordable, but not as durable as other materials.
  • aluminum: Aluminum dog lighters are lightweight and stable. In addition, they are easy to clean, but are more expensive.
  • Wood: Wood is a sustainable material that offers particularly high stability. Disadvantage here is the high weight.
  • mixture: Many ramps are a mixture of two or all three materials. So the advantages of the respective material are used.

2.3. Maximum load: The right one for each breed

career opportunities

Not only ramps are entry aids for dogs in the car. Also, a carrying strap, with which you lift your four-legged friend, can help.

Dog Harden Comparison 2018: dogs

Of course, your dog will also depend on your personal dog test winner. Here, especially the weight and height play a role.

Small dogs like Chihuahuas do not need a ramp with a very high maximum load. They are also safely carried by ramps that carry a maximum of 50 kg. Dog ramps for large dogs start at a maximum load of 85 kg, These include, for example, St. Bernards, Labradors and Bernese Mountain Dogs.

2.4. The length: 150 cm must be

The longer the staircase is, the less the angle the dog has to overcome. The ramp should be at least 150 cm longso that it is comfortable for the dog.

The width must of course be correct so that the dog does not slip off, Of course, the ideal size always depends on the size of the dog, but 35 cm is a good guideline.

Dog Harden Comparison 2018: harden

2.5. Brands and manufacturers

Other dog accessories
  • Dog box for the car
  • Dog whistle
  • Hundegeschirr
  • Dog Collar
  • Training Collar
  • harness
  • Dog Food

Most manufacturers of dog tandems specialize in dog and pet supplies, for example Karlie and Pet-Star. 4pets is mentioned here as a premium manufacturer of dog transport products. Besides that has become For example, Easy-Hopper specializes only in dog access aids, In addition to the mentioned brands, there are also ramps from DoggyStep, Kleinmetall, petWALK, Trixie, Tec Take and Wolters.

You can buy Hunderampen from the pet supplies store. Here you get everything you need to care for and transport dogs. In addition, you will receive cheap dog lights also on the Internet.

3. Get used to the dog ramp

Dog Harden Comparison 2018: comparison

A dog staircase helps little four-legged friends and puppies get on the sofa. This too many dogs have to get used to.

Some dogs will quickly get used to the new ramp. Other coat lovers are very timid and skeptical. You have to get used to the new equipment. These four steps will make your new experience easier:

  1. The new show: Show the dog the new car park in a quiet and safe environment like the flat or the own garden. Allow the dog enough time to sniff and discover the new.
  2. Create positive links: After the first skepticism has passed, the first steps on the dog ramp are made. It should be firmly on the bow and not move when entering. Lure your dog with dog biscuits or dog toys on the ramp and motivate him to take a few steps.
  3. Practice, practice, practice: If the dog is familiar enough with the ramp, it is time to practice. Now it's not just about gaining safety on the ramp. Here the dog should also learn which direction is the right one and that he must follow the path. This can be practiced on the ground, but also on a small increase.
  4. rehearsal: Now it's time for the car. Give the dog time again and create incentives so that he can handle the boarding aid on his own.

4. Dogs in the car

Dogs and other pets have to be properly transported in the car, otherwise there are threats of sanctions:

  • If the dog is not safely stowed, then threaten 30 € fine.
  • Endangered the unsecured dog traffic, it costs 60 € and gives a point in Flensburg.
  • Dog Harden Comparison 2018: ramp

    If it comes to a property damage, 75 € are due and there is also a point.

By the way, the gassing is not allowed out of the car: fine 5 €.

5. Hunderampen at Stiftung Warentest

A Hunderampen test has not yet been conducted by the institute. But an important question for mum and dad is always the insurance of the dog. Especially important if something happens to the dog is a health insurance. In test 02/2016 the institute has published a test of different providers.

there could not completely convince insurance, With some providers, you have the choice between operating theater and full-cost protection, which is considerably more expensive. If you want many services, you have to pay more accordingly. It pays to insure the animal as early as possible: A reinsurance of old dogs is otherwise much more expensive. Even with pre-existing conditions, the contribution increases.

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