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  • Dog shoes protect the sensitive paws of your four-legged friend from injury. In healthy dogs, paw damage can be prevented in stony or salted soil.
  • If your dog wants to wear the shoes outdoors, you should pay attention to waterproof material and a non-slip but flexible sole. Rubber boot-like dog shoes protect against wetness. Inside it may also be dog socks.
  • To find the right shoe size for your dog, you can trace the outline of his paw on paper. This is the best way to find out the dimensions of the paw.

Dog shoes comparison 2018: comparison

That the dog is the best friend of man, is not only a phrasing, but always shows in reality: Dogs are the most popular pets of Germans after cats, as this survey of the statistics portal Statista shows. 49% of respondents said they own a dog in 2017.

However, life in civilization is less ideal for dog paws: Stray eggs or salt irritate the sensitive skin, especially in winter, and in the city, broken glass lurks again and again on the careless dog. In summer, on the other hand, hot asphalt can literally burn your paws.

Good dog shoes protect your beloved four-legged friends from all these influences. With a dog shoe, you can also protect injured paws and prevent injuries of still unbeaten paws.

How to find the right shoe size for your Bello and which type of dog shoe is the right one for you is explained in our Hundeschuh Kaufberatung 2018.

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1. Dog shoes: paw guards for Bello and Fiffi

Dog shoes comparison 2018: shoes

With shoes for dogs your darling can romp carefree even in the cold.

A dog shoe can fulfill many functions. In a healthy dog ​​he can protect the paw from injury and irritation, which can be caused by spiky, very hot or with road salt treated substrates. In this case, it makes sense to purchase a paw guards for all four legs.

If your dog has an injury or chronic inflammation, you can protect the injured paw with shoes for dogs. Thus, dog shoes in osteoarthritis can be a great relief for the affected paw.

Tip: If your dog owns a wolf's claw, you should make sure that the dog's shoe closes under the claw, so as not to irritate them. If the shoe touches the wolf claw, you can attach the claw to the paw with tape so that it will not be damaged.

2. Dog Shoe Types: The best protection is provided by firm dog shoes

There are three different categories of shoes for dogs, which we would like to introduce to you below: solid dog shoes with sole, dog socks and rubber boots.

2.1. Firm shoe with sole

Dog shoes comparison 2018: shoes

Firm shoes with a profiled sole protect your darling even in winter from cold and give it a safe kick.

Fixed shoes with sole are the most stable and versatile version of shoes for dogs. The sole is usually very firm and is well suited for pointed surfaces such as gravel. The shoe is fixed by means of Velcro or zipper. You can also use these shoes on hot or wet surfaces.

However, this shoe must fit your dog really wellbecause the material, mostly air-permeable mesh fabric or polyurethane, is not very cuddly. So measure especially in such shoes, the paw of your four-legged friend carefully before you buy dog ​​shoes.

2.2. Dog shoe in sock shape

A dog shoe in sock shape is made of fabric, which is usually very cuddly and elastic. This makes it good for covering wounds. They are usually fixed with an elastic band. Some dog socks are also available with an anti-slip rubber coating on the solewhich makes the socks slip-resistant and allows your dog better grip on slippery ground.

Similar to socks for people, socked dog shoes are especially suitable for indoor use. Wetness does not tolerate this type of dog shoe. In dry weather, the dog can also carry it outside.

2.3. Rubber boots Dog shoes

The rubber boots in our dog shoe comparison is waterproof. It resembles a balloon and is often made of rubber. It is slipped over the paw to protect it from moisture. Such dog shoes are waterproof and very useful in snow or rain. These are often very cheap dog shoes, which can also be used as disposable shoes. Caution is advised on sharp surfaces: these can tear the rather thin material.

Dog shoes comparison 2018: your

3. Purchase criteria for dog shoes: You have to pay attention

Which criteria your shoes for dogs should still fulfill, depends heavily on where you want to use the shoes. For outdoor use, the best dog shoe should be waterproof.

3.1. Waterproof material is particularly versatile

Dog shoes comparison 2018: 2018

Whether the Chihuahua or the St. Bernard, dog shoes want to be well attached to the foot.

Dog shoes come in many different materials. To distinguish are primarily waterproof and water-permeable materials. Waterproof or water repellent materials are e.g. Rubber / rubber, softshell or neoprene. With these materials you and your dog are prepared for most everyday situations. Simple fabric - the material of most dog shoes in sock shape - is usually not waterproof. There are leather dog shoes, but this material is not recommended due to the very fast wear.

3.2. Hold on to the paw and on the ground

Particularly good hold promise zippers and Velcro closureswith which you can customize the fit of the shoe. These can be found especially in dog shoes with a solid sole. For dogs with long hair, hook-and-loop fasteners are better because the hair can be trapped in zippers.

The ideal sole is non-slip, but also flexible. On the one hand, the sole should offer as much support and good grip on the ground. So look out for a dog shoe for outdoor use on a good profile. At the same time, it is also important that the sole provides flexibility so that the dog can roll naturally while running naturally. Which sole is most comfortable for your dog, you will find out best by trying out. How to find your personal dog shoe test winner.

Tip: Bear in mind that shoes for dogs only have a limited shelf life, as dogs are not careful to handle the shoes with care. Having a replacement pair in the back of your hand is always worthwhile.

3.3. Suitability - appropriate footwear

Dog shoes comparison 2018: your

Sturdy footwear is ideal for outdoor use.

It does not always have to be an expensive dog shoe with a solid sole. Before you buy dog ​​shoes, you should be aware of the field of application.

So to find the right shoe for your four-legged friend, you should ask yourself two questions:

  1. Should the shoe be used to protect an injured leg or to prevent injury?
  2. Should the shoe be used indoors or outdoors?

The following overview shows you which dog shoe is suitable for which situation:

for the prevention of injuriesto protect you from illness
InsidesockSock or shoes
OutsideShoesShoes or rubber boots

Tip: If you plan to use the shoes for dogs outside in the dark, for example while walking, reflectors on the shoes may make sense. So your dog is more visible in the traffic and you see him better.

Dog shoes comparison 2018: your

4. Questions and answers about dog shoes

4.1. How do I find the right shoe size for my dog?

Dog shoes comparison 2018: 2018

Each dog paw is individual and must therefore be measured extra.

Just as in humans, you need a different shoe size for large dogs than for small dogs. To find the right shoe size for your dog, you need to measure your dog's paw. How to do this you will learn here:

Correctly measure dog paws

  • The best way to measure the paws, by the Outline outline of the paw on a piece of paper, Place the appropriate paw on a piece of paper. Lift the opposing paw so that the dog shifts its weight to the paw to be marked. This is important in order to measure the dimensions of the paw in the loaded condition.
  • Now trace the outline of the paw with a pencil. Now you can easily measure the outlines of the paw without your dog needing to keep still.
  • The manufacturers of shoes for dogs usually indicate whether the length or width of the paw is central to the respective sizes. Keep the measured values ​​ready to order the correct size.

4.2. Are there any cool dog shoes?

What does Stiftung Warentest say?

Although the Stiftung Warentest has published a few dog and pet tests, a dog shoe test is not yet included. If you should be traveling with your dog by car, the foundation recommends in one
Message from issue 09/2016 of the magazine Test to use a transport box.

Some dog shoes, especially those in socks, have cute or cool designs. However, they are often less practical in everyday life and rarely perform well in a dog shoe test. Look for functionality rather than design.

4.3. What are important brands and manufacturers of dog shoes?

A very important and well-known brand specializing in dog shoes is Ruffwear. Here you will find shoes for high quality dogs at higher prices. Even dog shoes by Walker Active are popular and of good quality. Many other brands such as AFP, 4Paws, Trixie or Kerbl offer good dog shoes at moderate prices.

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