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  • Dog owners are reluctant to leave their four-legged friends when they go on a long trip or holiday. Longer biking tours, however, can be for very small or for older and sickly dogs quickly become a torture. A dog trailer for a bicycle (also called a bicycle trailer) is the ideal solution.
  • Dog trailers are similar in construction to other types of bicycle trailers, e.g. the children's bicycle trailers. In the equipment, however, they differ: it should e.g. a short leash instead of a belt for children to be integrated. A bicycle trailer for dogs should also be sprung.
  • Dog trailers for bicycles are often made of either aluminum or steel. Aluminum is a bit more expensive as it is lighter and does not rust. Steel trailers are slightly cheaper, but more susceptible to rust.

Dog Trailer Comparison 2018: comparison

Around 9.25 million Germans had at least one dog in 2016. This means that of the 570,000 vacationers who went on a cycling holiday, one or the other has taken along his four-legged friend. So that the holiday with the bike for your dog but not torture is recommended, a dog trailer for the bike. In this your dog can relax in between and enjoy the tour properly.

In our dog trailer comparison 2018 we show you what is important when buying such a bike trailer. The trailer must be tailored to the needs of your dog: Do you have a big or a small dog? We show you which sizes are suitable for which dog sizes and how you can increase the comfort for your four-legged friend - especially if he is older - and why you should buy a trailer with short leash.

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1. That makes a dog trailer for the bike: the equipment

Other dog accessories:

Dog Trailer Comparison 2018: 2018

  • Hundegeschirr
  • Dog Shoes
  • Dog Crate
  • Dog ramp

A trailer for dogs resembles a children's bicycle trailer. Both will mounted by means of a trailer hitch either to the bicycle rack or to the rear wheel.

With the help of a bicycle trailer hitch the trailer is connected to the bicycle. Such clutches are exposed to massive forces, so you should always pay attention to quality and would rather buy an additional. For one thing not all dog trailers included a clutch and on the other hand, the included may not fit perfectly with your bike. The trailer can be additionally secured to the bicycle via a safety tension line - in case the coupling fails.

High quality dog ​​trailers have an aluminum framethat is light and sturdy at the same time. It also helps with the suspension of shocks and makes the vibrations during the journey more bearable for your dog.

Dog Trailer Comparison 2018: your

A floor pan may e.g. be designed with a non-slip mat.

For added comfort, a sturdy plastic floor pan is also provided (in some cases this is also made of steel). If you lay out the tub with a cuddly blanket or a dog pad, your dog will love to get into the trailer. Preferably Be sure to offer your dog thermal protectionso he does not freeze from below. The floor pan is also easy to clean and can even be removed for cleaning on many high-quality models.

Around the dog trailer is surrounded by insect screens, These have several advantages: They protect passengers from unwelcome visitors while they are in motion, allow air to pass through, but at the same time they also serve as protection against too much UV radiation, as the light is more scattered. If the weather changes, then you can roll over the insect grille the integrated rain cover, This can be used not only in the rain, but also in strong winds to make it comfortable for your pet in the trailer.

Dog Trailer Comparison 2018: trailer

A roof opening is ideal for curious minds - and the short leash ensures.

Most of the dog trailers are equipped with a ceiling opening. If you have them open, you can Dog sticking his head in the wind and especially in nice weather enjoy the bike excursion to the fullest.

So that the animal in the trailer is well secured and does not immediately jump out when you open the entrance, have Most manufacturers integrated a short leash into their dog trailer, These can be individually adjusted in length to your dog.

On average, a dog trailer weighs between 10 and 16 kilograms. Most trailers can be loaded with a maximum of 55 kilograms.

Danger: The maximum load weight does not necessarily mean that the dog trailer is suitable for large dogs. Here, the size of the floor pan and the maximum height are crucial.

2. What types of dog transport trailers for bicycles are there?

There are two different categories of dog trailers for your bike. They both have advantages over the other model in different situations. Here is a brief overview:

collapsible dog trailer

Dog Trailer Comparison 2018: comparison

  • collapsible - effortless transport in the car
  • mostly equipped with plug-in system for wheels / axles
  • robust due to aluminum rods

Transport box is easy to transport
only usable together with bicycle

Dog trailer with jogger function

Dog Trailer Comparison 2018: comparison

  • Handle at the rear - also suitable for dog transport while jogging
  • Cover and Girff also available separately - Extension for conventional bike trailer
  • robust due to aluminum rods

usable independently of the bicycle
Transport box can be worse transport in the car - front wheel takes a lot of space

Basically, the two models differ only in terms of their space consumption during transport and dependence on the bike. Robust are both trailer types.

A dog trailer for the car is fundamentally different from these models, It is completely covered and extremely robust - just in case you have an accident with another vehicle. On holiday by car, you can rent such a dog trailer cheap.

Dog Trailer Comparison 2018: trailer

3. Purchase advice: How to find your dog trailer test winner

Does Stiftung Warentest have a dog trailer test?

Dog Trailer Comparison 2018: trailer

Unfortunately, the Stiftung Warentest has not yet conducted a dog trailer test. But a few years ago she examined the related children's bicycle trailers. In the test 06/2010, the testers see the children in the trailer better protected than in a child seat for cycling, but pollutants were found in the tested children's bicycle trailers. Both in the straps, the upholstery and in the rain protection were unwanted substances such as plasticizers.

Even The best dog trailer is only worthwhile if you like to go on longer trips with your bike and do not want to miss your dog. Older and more frail dogs can still be there and at the same time find protection in the trailer against wind, rain and sun.

If you like take long walks and be independent of the bike, We recommend that you buy a jogger or the accessories for converting it. So they are flexible and have all the advantages of both models. You can also buy used dog tags and save some money - but make sure that they are still in perfect condition.

3.1. Material, stability

As mentioned earlier, when buying a dog trailer, make sure that aluminum is used as the material. The light metal is robust and does not rust. Alternatively, you can also rely on stainless steel products: These are often slightly cheaper than aluminum products, but weigh more and may be harder to collapse.

The stability is especially in large breeds of dogs, e.g. Labrador or boxer, very important: you must not unbalance the trailer. Therefore, pay attention to the weight of the dog trailer when buying. The heavier it is, the less easily your dog tilts the trailer. But keep in mind that it becomes heavier with increasing dead weight, the trailer e.g. to lift in your car.

The material of the cover should have a waterproof layer next to the insect screen to protect your dog in a rain shower.

The market for dog accessories is quite diverse and so are the price variations. Brands using an aluminum frame are generally a bit more expensive - this includes, for example PetEGO. For example, the brands Monz and Trixie are already a bit cheaper, but you have to resort to steel frames. Make sure you have used stainless steel to keep your dog trailer rust free for as long as possible.

Here we have put together for you a small selection of manufacturers of dog trailers:

  • Karlie
  • Croozer Dog
  • Vector doggy hat
  • Burley Tail Wagon
  • Monz
  • Trixie
  • Homcon
  • DuraMaxx
  • PetEGO
  • Pawhut

Dog Trailer Comparison 2018: 2018

3.2. size

Dog Trailer Comparison 2018: 2018

With a stable dog trailer, you and your pet can travel together.

Dog breeds vary in size, so not every pendant is suitable for every dog.

The floor pan should be big enough for your dog to lie comfortably - Take your dog's length from nose to tail, and add a few inches of leeway to it.

Besides, yours should be Dog can also sit in the trailer. You can also roughly orient yourself to the dimension just mentioned.

However, not the entire trailer must have the same height: towards the rear, he may quietly rejuvenate a bit.

As a guideline for the size of all dog breeds, the height at the withers is used. It indicates the distance between the paws and the transition point between the neck and the spine of the animal. Roughly, the following sizes can be subdivided:

Small dog breeds:
Small dogs have a withers height of max. about 35 cm. The miniature poodle, the French bulldog and the terrier are among others to the small dog breeds.
Medium sized dog breeds:
Medium sized dogs usually have a withers height of max. 60 cm. For example, the Husky, the Labrador Retriever and the small Münsterländer are among the medium-sized breeds of dogs.
Big dog breeds:
Large dogs have a withers height of up to 70 cm. The Weimaraner, the Pointer and the German Shepherd include e.g. to the big dog breeds.

3.3. Equipment: Do not forget the short leash

To increase safety for yourself and your dog, you should Make sure that your personal dog trailer test winner has a short leash in the equipment. Initially, when you get your dog used to the trailer, the safety line can also be useful - your dog can not just jump out when you open the cover.

In addition, the bicycle trailer for dogs should be sprung. Without suspension, the risk of injury to your dog increases enormously, especially when cycling over rough terrain.

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