Tinker puppetry

Tinker puppetry

Tinker puppetry: dremel

Let your children's imagination run wild in the performance of great pieces in a special puppet theater. Be forewarned - the slumbering ones Acting, stage and singing talents of your children be awakened with security!

material list

  • Dremel® Glue Gun, Dremel® VersaTip ™ and Dremel® 300 Series
  • Accessories from Dremel: Spiral Milling Cutters 561, Drill Chuck 4486, SpeedClic ™ Wood Cutting Disc SC544 and SpeedClic Mandrel SC402, SpeedClic Fine Grinding Wheels 511S / 512S, High Speed ​​Milling Knife 117, Precision Drill Bit 628
  • Small eye bolts
  • Fine string
  • Wood: 15 mm, 12 mm, 6 mm (body, feet and hands), 12 mm (cross)
  • Wooden dowels: 20 mm, 18 mm, 15 mm, 12 mm and 8 mm (limbs and neck)
  • Hotfix stones

Making a puppet show: Step 1

Tinker puppetry: dremel

Draw the body and the head of the princess and the dragon 15 mm thick, the feet 12 mm thick and the hands 15 mm thick cut everything freehand with the Dremel 300 Series (Dremel chuck with Dremel spiral milling cutter) off. Use our templates at the end of the book for assistance.

Making a puppet show: Step 2

Tinker puppetry: puppet

Cut out all the motifs from the wood with the Dremel 300 Series, using the illustration of this step. Cut the different thickness wooden dowels with the Dremel 300 Series (SpeedClic mandrel with wood cutting disc) to the correct size for limbs and neck too.

Make a puppet show: Step 3

Tinker puppetry: puppetry

Milled the shape of the body and round all edges with the Dremel 300 Series (Dremel High Speed ​​Cutters Drill Chuck). Once you have tailored and shaped these areas, smooth them with the Dremel 300 Series (SpeedClic mandrel with SpeedClic fine grinding wheels). Drill with the Dremel 300 Series (Dremel Drill Chuck with Drill Drill 628 Precision Drill Bit Drill) at the bottom of the head piece, an 8mm hole for the neck and insert the short wooden dowel. Stick the dowel firmly with the Dremel Glue Gun.

Make a puppet show: Step 4

Tinker puppetry: Tinker

Use the Dremel 300 Series (Dremel Drill Chuck with Dremel Drill Precision Drill Set Drill Bits) to drill small holes where body, limbs and head should be connected. Open one of two eyebolts with pliers, to connect them to the joints. Close the open eyebolts with the pliers to complete the joints. Drill a hole and insert an eyebolt at the top of the head. Drill larger holes to use small wooden skewers as kite horns.

Make a puppet show: Step 5

Tinker puppetry: Tinker

Build from two 12 mm thick pieces of wood a puppet cross. Make a cross rung in the middle of each piece of wood (see below) and glue it together with the Dremel Glue Gun.

Make a puppet show: Step 6

Tinker puppetry: puppet

Drill holes large enough to allow the cord to be pulled vertically through the end of three cross arms using the Dremel 300 Series (drill bit with suitable precision drill bit). Drill a long, horizontal hole through the fourth arm. Tie a piece of Schur to the eye bolt At the top of the puppet festival, pull the other end of the string through the vertical hole opposite the horizontal hole and make a tight knot. Thread your hands on a string that will pull you through the horizontal hole and make a tight knot on each wrist. Thread the legs in the same way on strings that you pull through the other two vertical holes and make tight knots at the ankles and at the top of the puppet cross.

Making a puppet show: Step 7

Tinker puppetry: Tinker

Finally you can Apply wool from wool and paint the marionettes and dress and decorate with fabric, felt and beads. Decorate the kite using your Dremel VersaTip (hot air blower nozzle) with scales and eyes made of hotfix stones. To paint and dress your figures, you may need some materials such as paint, fabric and felt, wool, beads, hotfix stones.

Tinker puppetry: dremel

Courtesy of Dremel®

These instructions can be found in the creative Ideabook of Dremel®:

The creative Ideabook by Dremel® Contains 50 original ideas for DIY projects with different levels of difficulty as well as countless opportunities for your own projects with Dremel's versatile tooling systems.

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