Domestic waterworks or garden pump

In particular, when it comes only to irrigate a garden regularly, the idea is big, whether you better regulate the promotion of water through a domestic waterworks or a garden pump. But of course, the water supply for a house can ask this question. Only the question is not so easy to answer.

The use of self-produced water

There are different reasons why water should be extracted. Just as there are different "sources" from which to promote. But first, the possibilities for which the water is needed:

  • garden irrigation
  • for filling a pool
  • instead of a public water connection
  • in addition to a public water connection

funding sources

But there are also different sources of funding. This can be rainwater that you collect in a suitable container, but of course also the well water with a shaft or a pile or stub line. As you can see, there are completely different sources and requirements for the water.

These conditions make the difference

To fill a pool or irrigate a garden, you will need as much water as possible at a constant pressure within a short time. Due to the functionality of a domestic waterworks this but rather less suitable. In this case, even recommends a water heater instead of garden pump or domestic waterworks.

Maybe even a domestic water machine is the better solution

We will take a closer look at the differences here: domestic water boiler or domestic waterworks. But if the decision has to be made between the garden pump and the domestic waterworks, the pump is recommended. However, if the water supply in a building via a domestic waterworks or a garden pump, the house water plant is clearly preferable.

Special features of the house waterworks

The domestic water plant switches the pump on and off independently when the respective pressure limit has been reached. Even water consumers who take only dosed (washing machine, dishwasher, toilet flushing), have no negative impact on a domestic waterworks. Quite the contrary: the domestic waterworks are optimally suited even for such situations.

Other reasons that may influence the decision

If it does not matter much to you, whether it's a domestic water pump or a garden pump (for example, a suction pump), then there are other circumstances that may affect your decision. So it may now be important, whether the plant is frost-proof in the winter or must be dismantled. The house waterworks is only partially mobile with its pressure vessel. The pump, on the other hand, can be removed at any time. Even the water boiler is even more suitable in this case, since the pressure vessel is missing.

The length of the delivery or suction line

In addition, it should also be decisive how long the pipeline has to be - in length as well as in depth into the ground. Because all pumps are limited to a maximum of about 8 m water column in their delivery height. Pumps with a lower efficiency achieve an even lower water column. On the other hand, you can temporarily set up a mobile garden pump in the immediate vicinity of the well.

Tips & Tricks

If you have decided on a domestic waterworks, it may happen, especially after installation, that malfunctions occur. That the house water works does not turn off, is a widespread problem, especially in the new installation.

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