Build a door alarm yourself - instructions for hobbyists

In addition to the effective security with additional locks, the installation of an alarm system is a tried and tested means to deter burglars. With know-how and intuition, you can build such a facility yourself and ensure that your house can only be accessed by uninvited guests with a loud alarm.

Ensure adequate burglary protection

An alarm system is particularly suitable as an additional burglar alarm, first check whether you can protect your windows and doors by further means against prying open and broken glass. Here are the possibilities:

  • Crossbar lock for front door
  • Burglary protection film for windows and balcony doors
  • lockable window and balcony door handles
  • Bar lock for closing side of the patio door
  • Hinge for hinged side of the patio door

Even window bars and motion detectors mounted in dark corners, which an approaching person reports with a beam of light, keep burglars away.

Build alarm system yourself: That's how it works!

  • button
  • Low voltage power supply
  • motion detector
  • acoustic detector
  • electric wire
  • relay
  • screwdriver
  • assembly tool

1. Attach detector

Place an optical and / or acoustic detector where the alarm is best displayed. This device should be powered by a low voltage transformer or battery.

2. Install trigger

Pick the spot that's particularly inviting to a burglar and install your well-hidden trigger there. One option would be a button that is connected to its detector via a relay. A motion detector with photocells is also possible.

A forced shutdown for the hood is equipped with a magnetic system that responds when the window is opened and closed. This internal installable trigger could also be paired with an alarm detector.

3. Switch the alarm on and off

Remember to turn on the detector as soon as you leave the house. Take it off the line if you do not need it right now.

Tips & Tricks

On the Internet, there are mini-alarm systems to buy, which can be installed on windows and doors. These devices are delivered in a set and cost only a few euros. The home security technology is a wide field, more information is available here.

Video Board: How to Make a Simple Door Alarm