Repair a door hinge

Door hinges are exposed to enormous stress. It is therefore not surprising if they can have a defect after some time. However, there are different versions of door hinges. Therefore, below is a summary of how you can repair various door hinges.

Door hinges are exposed to a high load

You have to keep in mind that the weight of a complete door hangs on both small door hinges - literally. In addition, the load comes through opening and closing, in addition also gnaw temperature fluctuations and other weather conditions on the material. So it can always come back to defects on a door hinge.

Not every door hinge is the same

First, the good news: in principle, every door hinge can be repaired. The catch: there are countless versions of hinges, door hinges and door hinges. Below are some of the most important door hinges.

  • two-piece door hinges
  • three-part hinges
  • classic door fishing
  • different types of door hinges

Repair conventional hinges

Ordinary door hinges, such as those found on interior doors, can be purchased inexpensively in any hardware store. Often, however, the attachment has broken out. Again and again there are recommendations that here liquid wood or a mixture of glue and sawdust should be filled and hardened. However, experience shows that this usually does not last long because of the enormous load.

Special tricks in the repair

If you do not want to curb the hinges, you should use liquid metal instead of wood and glue. This is filled and immediately after the door hinge is inserted. Now you have to wait until the material cures completely. Now the door hinge will hold really well. However, you can also use special adhesives used for high load dowel holes and offered as high performance mortars.

Repair of multipart modern door hinges

The other multi-part door hinges mainly depend on where they come from. If the defective part is a door hinge from a brand manufacturer, chances are good that you can buy the corresponding spare parts. With cheap hardware store, however, there is hardly a chance. Then you should replace the old door hinges and install a new hinge each time.

Often the replacement is before the door hinge repair

The same may come to you when you use one of the countless door hinges, such as glass doors. Again, it will probably be more likely to install the same new door hinges. However, if it concerns, as already mentioned, door hinges of brand manufacturers, the repair of a door hinge is definitely recommended, as significantly cheaper than a new set door hinges.

Tips & Tricks

If, for example, you want to remove the door hinges on your door, this also includes unhooking the front door. Follow the link and get detailed instructions on how to remove the door to change the door hinges.

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