Install door hinges

Doors are stressed intensively. Therefore, it may happen that the mechanical components of a door fail. In particular, the door hinges may have a corresponding defect after years of use. Below we describe how to install new door hinges.

Requirements for the hinges

Of course, you have the option of repairing broken door hinges. But if that does not really help, you'll need to remove the old door hinges. You also need them as a pattern to buy new door hinges. Now you can start assembling the new door hinges. In the case of a complete new installation, you must take into account the individual requirements such as entry or break-in security at the front door.

Differences in hinges

Of course, how you assemble the hinges also depends on their design. The clearest differences are between room and front doors:

  • Door fishing (usually with room or room doors)
  • Door hinges (as a hinge with higher security requirements for front doors)
  • Door hinges (also door hinges, you distinguish between two-, three- or multi-part hinges)

However, the construction of such hinges is always similar. The connection already exists. Brand manufacturers often attach a template to a new door hinge for drilling. If you only want to replace the hinges, you should of course make sure that the mounting holes match when you buy them.

Accessories for the new door hinge

Such hinge kits also contain other components in addition to the door hinge and any template:

  • the door hinge itself
  • the template for drilling
  • Cover (plastic or metal) for the top of the door hinge
  • Covers at the top and bottom as a completion of the movable hinge
  • mounting screws

Installing the door hinges - first mount on the door leaf

First attach the new door hinge to the already dismounted door. Preferably you have a helper who holds the door leaf for you. Otherwise, for example, you will need wooden wedges to underlay under the door leaf. How to use the door hinge to get the required height of the holes in the masonry or the frame.

Adjusting the built-in hinges

Depending on the design of the hinges, however, you do not quite tighten them. Especially with simple hinges or other adjustment options, the holes can be designed as a slot to adjust the door so to the frame. How to set high quality door hinges, we describe here in detail.

Install covers and observe maintenance instructions

After mounting and adjusting, you can attach the covers. Often, the large flat cover must first be plugged in, because the two smaller round hinged lid covers often hold this cover in addition. More details can be found in the assembly instructions of the manufacturer. You can also find maintenance instructions and approved oils for lubrication in this instruction manual.

Tips & Tricks

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