Replace the door hinges

Who wants to change a door hinge, will face the immediate problem that there are different versions, which are each attached differently. Therefore, below, we have created a guide for you, detailing how you can change the different door hinges.

Various names and fastenings of door hinges

The designation of door hinges is also versatile. In addition to this designation, there are also door hinges and hinges. Likewise, they are commonly referred to as door fittings again and again. But not only with the names there are differences, but also in how they are fixed:

  • Door fishing with its own thread
  • Door hinges secured with small screws
  • Door hinges, which are screwed on sheet and frame

Replace door hinges

If you want to change door hinges, you can do it with most of the different fastening techniques. Conventional hinges are merely self-tapping in the composite material or the wood of the door leaf and door frame screwed. In rare cases, however, sleeves are also used with internal thread to tighten the fishing in it.

Secured door fishing

In addition, there are still fishing, which are secured with a screw. To do this, you have to look at the frame laterally on the level at which the hinge was inserted, look for a small safety screw. Often it is a small, countersunk Allen screw. If you have not installed the door hinge yourself, you must check very carefully.

Pay attention to identical door hinges

If you want to swap such angling and at the same time but do not create new mounting holes, you also need to know exactly what type of hinges it is. In this case, it is advisable to buy new hinges if you can take the old fishing rods as a pattern in the business.

Swap door hinges

The door hinges are still facing the door hinges. These hinges are mainly used for doors with higher security requirements:

  • Front doors
  • apartment doors
  • Basement access doors
  • Garage doors etc.

The hinges themselves are usually not visible because they are provided with covers. With high-quality door hinges, however, there are several covers: a large one for the actual hinge and at the top and bottom of the hinged hinged hinge. These smaller covers often fix and hold the larger hinge cover. You will need to first remove these to remove the large hinge cover.

Procedure when removing the old door hinges

Under the door you should put small pieces of wood, so that the door rests and can not tilt when unscrewing the old door hinges. Otherwise, you will need a helper who holds the door leaf accordingly. You must also remove these hinges first, if you do not plan any new fixing holes, so that you have a corresponding pattern in the specialist shop.

Tips & Tricks

However, if you need new holes, proceed as in the case of the basic installation of a door hinge. In addition, before replacing the old door hinge, you should take into account that established brand manufacturers often also offer various spare parts so that you can repair the relevant door hinge.

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