Lift the door with washers or by adjusting screws

Older doors can lower slightly and then touch the floor when opening. Sometimes floor coverings are replaced or renewed and the floor construction grows by a few millimeters. In many cases doors offer a tolerance of up to three millimeters, which makes them easy to lift.

Lintel determines possible height change

In order to lift a door, the distance between the upper edge of the door leaf to the frame or the fall of the frame is crucial. If the door is raised above the available free space, it can not be closed.

In addition to the required space for the upper door leaf edge, the fittings must be able to "grow" when lifting. Increasing the door is always done on the door hinges so that an opposite door closer is affected and must be adaptable.

Adjustable up to three millimeters on hinges

If a lifting of the door by the door hinges are not sufficient, only technically and structurally complex measures can be taken:

  • Cut the door
  • Increase lintel
  • Move the lintel
  • Extend the door frame
  • Replace the door leaf

If a door jams or drags a front door, the door hinges on most doors can be raised by up to about three millimeters. Depending on the door type, washers, the so-called Fitschenringe, can be inserted or the adjusting mechanism in the door hinges can be adjusted.

How to lift a door

  • Fit rings for each door hinge
  • support wedges
  • Allen
  • Wrench
  • hammer
  • mandrel
  • tongs

1. Adjust adjusting screws

Each door with safety devices to prevent accidental disconnection, such as a steel door for fire protection and a front door have a built-in mechanism in the door hinges. You can lift the door with up to three setscrews.

2. Unhook the door

You simply have to unhook doors that are hinged to doors, such as room doors and garden gates, to reach the pivot pins.

3. Insert Fit rings

Place the same amount of Fitschenringe in the same thickness in both hinges. Hang the door back in and test the door and lockability. To get the right fit rings, first measure the width of the upper door gap.

Tips & Tricks

If you adjust a door that has lowered for some reason, first check the hinges on the hinges on the door leaf and on the door frame.

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