Build the door lock yourself - Improve burglary protection

A high-quality burglar protection ensures an increased sense of security in your own home, a contribution to make the self-built door lock. With a crossbar lock, also known as the armored bolt and double bolt lock, you protect your front door from being levered out. You can purchase such a lock in individual parts and install it yourself.

The operation of the tank bolt

If you want to build your own door lock, you first need to know how it works. The armored lock is an effective complement to the normal lock cylinder, it consists of two cross bars, which extend horizontally over the entire width of the door.

The locking function is linked to the actual door lock, so that you can completely secure the front door with a turn of the key. The lock boxes are attached to both sides of the door leaf, in rare cases on the frame, more often directly in the masonry.

Heavy-duty dowels support the resistance of the lock boxes against levering attempts. Sometimes there is not enough space for lock boxes, then you can also work out a masonry bag and provide it with a strike plate.

Build the door lock yourself: You should pay attention!

An as even as possible door leaf is an important prerequisite for the installation of a crossbar lock. The door width is less crucial, because there are numerous armored bars to buy, which can be individually adjusted in length. For extra wide doors there are special lengths.

In any case, measure the thickness of your door leaf, most locks will fit 35 to 50 mm. However, a thicker door can certainly be secured, so you get the matching extensions to the mounting system.

These special functions are available

If you want to build your own burglar-proof door lock, it is advisable to inform yourself beforehand about possible special functions. This makes your front door even safer and more flexible:

  • For an inward-opening door you need special anchor plates for the continuous screw connection.
  • An alternative to the anchor plates offers a special lock case variant.
  • If you install a rotary knob cylinder on the inside of your front door, you can open and close the door from the inside without turning the key.
  • If you want to work with a wall bag, you probably still need a spacer plate to put the latch in the right position.
  • A locking bar on the closing side looks like a traditional door chain: so you can talk to strangers at the door without having to open it completely.

Tips & Tricks

Check with your local police for further security measures for your home, most of the time the officers are very helpful.

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