Fill wooden or plastic door

Cracks, holes and chips on a door can be filled with special fillers and rendered "invisible" by post-processing. For both plastics and wood, hardening putty is available, which can be selected in matching color and texture. At door edges an auxiliary formwork is needed.

Repair or renovation

The filling of doors is done for two reasons. It may be a repair of the door, in which functional impairments such as leaks should be eliminated. The most common occasion for filling is a refurbishment of old doors or a restoration.

When renovating a wooden door, the greatest scope is to make a subsequently no longer visible filling of holes, cracks and chipping. If room doors are repaired, which have larger dents or depressed door leaf surfaces, with the appropriate filler can also surface filling be possible.

How to fill a door

  • putty
  • abrasive
  • Maybe small boards
  • Eventually greasy anti-adhesive
  • Cutter or wallpaper knife
  • spatula
  • grinding machine
  • Possibly screw clamps

1. Expose damage

Depending on the type of damage, you must first remove any fouling and loose chips from the cracks, holes or chips with a cutter or wallpaper knife. Pay attention to clean edges of the door leaf surface. After exposure, the pits should look like the edges of a garden bed that has been pricked with a spade.

2nd auxiliary formwork

If you need to fill in edge and corner damage, the process is similar to re-modeling the original gradient. Use small clamps to attach small formwork boards to the sides like short wooden strips. Apply a greasy non-stick on the side where the filling is being held. You can, for example, use Vaseline, which facilitates later removal of the auxiliary formwork.

3. Backfilling

Stir the putty or the wooden putty according to the manufacturer's instructions and paint it in the cracks and holes. Compact the filling compound by pressing it lightly with the spatula several times.

4. Smooth

After the putty has dried out, you can sand down wooden doors to make up for burrs and bumps.

Tips & Tricks

The selection of putty is large and in addition to the color selection you will also find different compositions. Mica effects or mottled forms adapt to your door leaf decor.

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