Change the door fitting

Although it is basically door fittings for all attachments to a door leaf, but thus the pushers, so the door handles are meant conventionally. Changing the door fitting is a classic home improvement task. Below you will find instructions for removing and replacing a door fitting.

Construction of a door fitting

Apart from a few small details, the construction of a door fitting is always similar. The door fitting consists of the following components:

  • Pusher with square pin
  • Pusher with square opening and grub screw
  • Rubber or plastic washers (between pusher and shield)
  • Signs (metal covers) or rosettes (can be up to four individual rosettes)

Required tools Replacing the door fitting

The grub screw can also be a small Allen. To mount rosettes you need a special rosette tool. This is a bow with a handle that reaches around the rosette. Attached to the inside is a pin.

This pin fits into a small hole on the rosette. The pin is inserted and the arch then wedges to the rosette, so that it can be rotated (in the secured position). Conventional longboards, however, are usually equipped with ordinary screws.

Removing the old door fitting

First open the grub screw on the handle. You just have to open them a little, but do not completely unscrew them. Now you can pull both pushers outward. As a rule, you have to jerk at both pushers, so that the square pin of one can be pulled out of the inner square of the other pusher.

Remove door plates or rosettes

Now you can remove the two door plates. Simply loosen the screws. Rosettes are secured by a quarter turn. We strongly recommend using the rosette tool described above. Handyman use pliers over and over again and even scratch or bend the rosette. After the rosette cover is removed, you can unscrew the actual plastic rosette on each side.

Change door fitting and install new fitting

The next step in changing the door fitting is the installation of the new handle set. First, the two plastic rosettes are screwed back. Then the plastic washers and rosettes or the signs are pulled on the pushers. Now they are put together in the door leaf.

Attach door plates or rosettes

When mounting, make sure that the long plates fit exactly or that the escutcheons are not jammed. If the distance between the two pushers is correct, fix the square spindle with the grub screw on one of the pushers.

Now you also attach the signs or rosettes. The signs are screwed on, the rosettes secured by a quarter turn. For the fittings for the lock, first the plastic rosettes are screwed on and then the rosette covers are secured again by the quarter turn.

Tips & Tricks

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