Build a front door yourself

Many homeowners are also active as motivated home improvement. A special highlight for many of these homeowners would be to build the front door themselves. But building a front door yourself is anything but easy. Even for skilled craftsmen, building a front door is a highly demanding activity.

To really build a front door yourself?

The front door is sort of the figurehead of a house. This makes it relatively obvious that many a homeowner thinks about simply building their own front door. But building a front door is anything but easy. For this reason, you will not receive any instructions here. However, we give you tips and a lot of information that you should keep in mind if you really want to take this challenge.

The choice of material

Thus, first of all, the material from which the front door should be built is decisive. Basically, the following materials are eligible:

  • plastic
  • Wood
  • metal

Plastic will not be an issue for most people anyway. After all, the self-construction should show that it has become a high-quality work. Plastic is conceivably bad for that. Instead, most home improvement will choose wood. Here, a door made of solid wood would be obvious. But even a solid wood door is a huge effort.

Even with solid wood, building is expensive

Because you can not take a wooden board and cut it to size. Then this door would be so forgiven after a short time that it absolutely no longer fits. Therefore, solid wood doors must be made of several parts. The wood is first cut, then put together again without distortion.

The basic structure of a contemporary front door

Most of them will probably end up at a hollow door. Here we made a frame made of wood or metal. This frame receives in the interior by additional braces several chambers. But even here the next difficulties come to you, because the front door must bring the following characteristics with it:

  • thermally insulated
  • soundproofed
  • burglarproof
  • by unbreakable
  • fit

The chamber system created by the transverse struts has some risks with respect to the required properties. In particular, the insulation is in danger that your struts inside the door act like thermal bridges. So you need to decouple the strut from the frame so far that the cold can not continue through the inside of the door. Similarly, the sound properties are considered and a decoupling of the various door components is accordingly important.

Tools and accessories you need for DIY

Add to that an enormous selection of tools and machines that you need. Milling machine, lathe, table saw, etc., would probably be the most important equipment you need. There are also many components that you can not make yourself. This includes the fittings, the lock, etc. Another difficulty is the seal between the door and frame. Here, a rubber seal is used, the door profile is stepped and is fitted into the frame.

Tips & Tricks

For most home improvement, it will remain the dream to build your own front door. But you may be able to find a carpenter or carpenter with appropriate equipment to assist you and help you build your own front door yourself. In the house journal you will find many more topics around doors and also to the different building materials. For example, the answer to the question of whether you can cut a glass door.

Video Board: Making A Front Door