Door intercom comparison 2018

Purchase advice on door entry comparison or test 2018

  • Door intercom systems have become a standard of safety and comfort in many homes and apartments.
  • There is the door intercom with camera, the door intercom with light switch or the simple audio intercom - for every need there is the right door opener.
  • In particular, the bell system with camera has proven itself, if the sense of security is to be increased by the identity of the visitor is clearly determined.

Door intercom comparison 2018: intercom

The parcel courier, who wants to hand over the parcel to the neighbor, the famous mother-in-law or the nocturnal visitor, although nobody is expected: the doorbell is always ringing and in many cases it annoys in hindsight to have the door open. It could be something important or a surprise visit from the girlfriend. Anyone who "rings dead" when ringing always risks missing something pleasurable or shut out a friend unnecessarily.

Probably the one who has a door intercom! This makes it easy to hear or see who is standing in front of the house and whether the person should open the door. In some cases, the person who rings does not even hear you checking their identity. A practical everyday helper so that increases the sense of security and comfort, We've dedicated ourselves to a 2018 Door Phone Comparison to help you find the best door entry system. Here you will find our compact purchase advice and of course our door entry comparison winner.

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1. How does a door intercom work?


The outside part of the door intercom system is always a hands-free system. This has the simple background that telephone handset would increasingly invite to vandalism.

A door intercom connects the person in the apartment or in the house with the person who has rung in front of the front door. As soon as the bell rings, you can go to your door intercom and see who is at the door, In many cases, the listener picks up a handset that can be used to communicate. However, some models work via a hands-free system.

There is a slightly larger difference between intercoms and intercoms: while an intercom system, by its name, only allows for intermittent speech, it can be communicated over an intercom system, as though over a regular telephone line.

2. Which door intercom types are there?

Above all, we distinguish three main categories of door intercom systems, which we would like to present to you in the following table.

Intercoms typeproperties
Audio Intercom

Door intercom comparison 2018: comparison

  • She only sets up a speech connection; there is no camera installed.
  • Inside is sometimes a telephone receiver, outside always a speakerphone used.
  • The door can be opened by pressing a button.
  • Disadvantage: You must ask who is at the door.
  • They indicate that you are at home.
  • You can not visually understand if the specified identity of the visitor is correct.
  • Audio intercoms are particularly cheap.

Door intercom comparison 2018: door

  • In addition to a voice connection and a one-sided video connection is made.
  • You can see the visitor, but not you.
  • The identity of the visitor can be better ascertained.
  • You do not have to indicate that they are at home.
  • Small drawback: In poor lighting, the image of the intercom with camera is relatively weak.
  • Provision should be made for appropriate lighting in the area of ​​the camera (eg via a lamp with motion detector).
Wireless Intercom

Door intercom comparison 2018: door

  • Wireless door intercoms are available as audio or video intercoms.
  • In the outdoor area, the use does not differ.
  • Inside there is a great comfort-Plus: The part of the system for the interior of the apartment is mobile, so not firmly anchored in your wall, and can thus be like a cell phone z. B. take with you on the couch or in the garden.
  • You do not have to hurry to the door when it rings, but you can easily convince yourself, for example, in the living room, who is standing in front of the door before you open it.

Door intercom comparison 2018: 2018

With a video door entry system you can always open the door without worries.

The choice between fixed or wireless indoor unit is a matter of comfort. If you are reluctant to rush to the door to find that you do not want to let Jehovah's Witnesses in, a wireless intercom is certainly a nice tool to save you unnecessary ways.

However, we strongly recommend a video intercom, as this also your own sense of security can be significantly increased. Even with an audio door intercom, there are sometimes doubts as to whether the person coming up the stairwell is also the one for whom it was paying. An intercom with camera can quickly provide clarity and leaves no queasy feeling.

So we summarized the advantages and disadvantages of the video intercom system compared to the pure audio version:

  • A plus in safety: Absolute certainty, who is at the door.
  • They go unnoticed: the visitor does not realize that you are at home.
  • The deterrent: The camera lens keeps guests away with suspicious intent.
  • The video recordings can be saved: regularly recurring troublemakers are documented.
  • The installation is a bit more difficult than with audio intercoms.
  • The sensing area of ​​the lens must be well lit.

3. Purchase criteria for door intercom: You must pay attention to this

If you have decided on one of the door intercom types, you can devote yourself to the additional purchase criteria to find your personal door intercom test winner. We have put these together briefly and succinctly for you.

3.1. microphone

Door intercom comparison 2018: 2018

A good microphone is especially important in outdoor units.

A and O of a pleasant communication via a door intercom is a high quality Microphone - it should not rustle or whineso you can easily make out the spoken word and voice.

Older or inferior intercoms, in particular, often force the visitor to concentrate hard to understand something. Also for the resident it is more pleasant to understand the guest well and to be well understoodnot to repeat every word several times.

3.2. door release function

For many manufacturers and brands, the door opener function is now standard for a door intercom system. The door can be easily unlocked via the door opener, the visitor can, informed by a humming sound, simply press the door open and enter.

If your intercom system does not have a door opener, this can usually be retrofitted.

Note: The subsequent installation of the door opener requires the replacement of the previous locking mechanism 'your door.

3.3. Mounting

Door intercom comparison 2018: comparison

A video intercom, which was installed as a surface-mounted in the entrance area.

When you connect and install your door intercom, there are two types of installation: The intercom can be installed either as a surface or as a concealed plaster on the house wall.

The surface-mounted version is easy to perform, but the intercom stands out from the wall, which looks less elegant and makes the plant more susceptible to external, especially violent, influences.

The flush-mounted version, however, is perfectly embedded in the wall, However, the installation here is also much more complex, because the wall must first be aufgestemmt to let the intercom into it.

Attention when surfacing: The cables for the locking mechanism of the door lie in the housing. The housing is relatively easy to remove, making it easy to manually connect the wires and open the door - which means a higher risk of burglary. We therefore recommend: Rather, grab a model that can be concealed as a concealed unit.

What else should be noted when installing a door intercom, you can see the following YouTube video:

3.4. Ringer volume

Do you not hear well or are you quickly disturbed by loud noises? A good door intercom system can be individually adjusted to your own needs and optionally produces louder or softer ringtones.

Tip: If you vacuum or listen to loud music, you can make a flexibly adjustable intercom louder and still get along when the parcel messenger rings the long-awaited parcel. So, if you are more worried about overhearing the doorbell during household chores, your personal doorphone test winner should bring an adjustable bell volume.

4. Door intercom manufacturer

To give you a better overview of the established brands among the interphone manufacturers, we have listed some of the most important manufacturers below. For example, smartwares stands for a high brand quality in the field of video door intercom systems.

  • Auerswald
  • Extel
  • GEV
  • Gira
  • Grothe
  • Smartwares
  • Young
  • Siedle
  • Legrand
  • M-E Trading

5. Frequently asked questions about door intercom systems answered by us

5.1. How many volts does a doorphone need?

For most door intercoms, a voltage of 12 volts is necessary - however, it is always advisable to take a closer look at the manufacturer's information.

5.2. How much is a doorphone?

Door intercom comparison 2018: door

Luxury door intercom with seven indoor stations for several thousand euros.

The inner part of the system, ie the telephone in the flat or house, is already available from around ten euros.

As a rule, you will acquire a door intercom system with a door opener as a set, in which both outdoor and indoor units are included. You get a particularly favorable door interphone in the set starting from approximately 25 euro.

If you want to buy a video door entry system, you will need to invest a little more money. Here amounts of about 100 to 200 euros are due, but also products for several hundred and even a thousand euros can be purchased.

5.3. Has Stiftung Warentest carried out a doorphone test?

Unfortunately, Stiftung Warentest has not yet dealt with this subject and has not yet conducted a doorphone test. But if you're interested in video intercoms because it's all about your safety, we can recommend the 2016 Door Fuse Test, which deals with different locks and their resilience.

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