Plaster a door reveal

If you already have experience with plastering, you can also plaster a door. It does not matter whether the cellar, room or front door plaster. However, there are differences, depending on whether later a door with door frame should be set or it is a pure passage. Below you will find instructions for plastering a door reveal.

The later requirements decide on the procedure when plastering

Basically, the plastering of a door reveal does not differ from other plaster work. If you already have experience with plastering, this is no problem. However, the later requirements for the door reveal are important:

  • plaster a door (ie with door frame or door frame)
  • plastering a door reveal without a door (for example passage in the basement)

A door plaster with door frame or frame

At first, it does not matter whether the door frame is later put on with clothing, ie via the connecting wall. To get a straight finish later for the door frame, appropriate plaster boards are mounted. You can now plaster the soffit until the board hits.

Then you can set after brushing the door frame. Either cover the entire door soffit and then plaster the entire soffit in one pass, or you can wait until one side is plastered ready to mount your cleaning board according to the other soffit.

A door revealing plaster without door frame or frame

Especially in cellars is gladly dispensed with a door. Then there is a door reveal as a passage, but it must also be set no frame or door frame. Therefore, an edge protection must be made. For this you need corner profiles. These are glued with adhesive plaster. Now wait until this plaster has hardened, then you can start plastering the door revealing.

General for plastering door reveals

As with other surfaces, which are plastered, a reinforcement is also strongly recommended for the flushing door revealing. The specialized trade offers you different solutions, such as netting for reinforcement. These are simply plastered with. Depending on the substrate, you may also need to apply a primer (poorly or not at all absorbent like concrete or very absorbent like porous or aerated concrete).

Tips & Tricks

When plastering yourself, you proceed with the door revealing in the same way as with any other plastering. In the house journal you will find the corresponding instructions. This is how you can get plastered here for instructions on aerated concrete. Of course, you will also find a suitable guide for plastering on other surfaces such as sandstone, brick, etc.

Video Board: Patching plaster around a new door