Repair door on rigid components or mechanics

The possible defects on a door are divided into two groups. The repair can affect the rigid components such as frame, frame and door leaf material or the mechanics with their moving parts. If the correction options are exhausted by adjustment and adjustment, structural interventions must take place.

Diagnosis of the defects to be corrected

If a door is working properly but has optical damage, repairing is equivalent to a more extensive refurbishment. Typical features are:

  • Color chippings, dissolved or faded color
  • Cracks, hole, splintered wood
  • Wear on edges and surfaces
  • Decayed and porous joints
  • Other wear and signs of use

In most cases, functional defects are the decisive factor for a necessary repair. Interventions are inevitable if the defects can not be eliminated by adjusting the door hinges and door lock. These include the following restrictions:

  • Door is stuck
  • Door grinds
  • Door falls shut
  • Front door does not close
  • Sliding door jams
  • Room door does not close
  • Room door does not open anymore

Rigid components

All functional defects can be caused by both rigid components and the mechanics. Optical repairs are mostly done on the surfaces of the door leaf and door frame. The most variable repair options are a wooden door.

Glue and fillers are used to seal holes and cracks in a door leaf and to "replenish" worn or chipped edges and profiles. Wood putty can be applied to the door leaf, the frame and the frame by means of spatulas for repair.

To prepare and complete a repair, it is always necessary to loosen and loosen the doors. Other typical repairs are:

  • Seal the front door by renewing the folds
  • Fix loose door frame with injected foam compartment
  • Dress the door
  • Change door fitting
  • Straighten the warped door with bolted "rails"

Mechanics and moving parts

After adjusting the front door or the door closer did not help, the individual components must be repaired or replaced.

When repairing the door hinge, the door leaf must be unhooked. Depending on the type of component, a door hinge or a hinge can be machined according to the manufacturer's instructions. In case of a malfunction of the doorknob often the replacement of a spring is helpful.

Tips & Tricks

If you repair doors with frames such as glass doors, you must also expose and refill joints.

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