Door warped: what to do?

If a door is warped, the consequences can be very different. The bandwidth ranges from stiffness to functional failure. The material making up the door leaf, the door frame and the door frame has a strong influence on the repairability. Balancing can be worthwhile, but has limits.

Measure the door leaf

Anyone who suspects that the door leaf has warped must unhook the door. The door leaf is laid horizontally on two wooden or metal blocks. In order to determine and estimate the distortion, which may also consist of a twist, a straight metal rod or strip in the length of the door leaf diagonal helps.

The bar must be laid out in several directions. If it loosely rests without pressure, when viewed from the side at the door leaf height, the highest point is visible on which the bar "teeters". With a spirit level, the bar is leveled and lined with tools to stay in their horizontal position. These are suitable:

  • rubber blocks
  • Cotton balls or pads
  • Paper and cardboard cutlery

After the position of the measuring bar is fixed, the distances at the bar ends to the door leaf are measured with a ruler or a tape measure with tenths of a millimeter scale. Based on the gauge length of the door leaf, the percentage of deviation should be determined. From two percent height difference on the reference length, which corresponds to two centimeters to one meter, the door leaf can not be used and the door must be replaced.

Mooring and measuring positions

To measure the total deformation of a door leaf, the measuring bar should be applied to eight application positions:

  • In the vertical direction in parallels on the right and left side and in the middle.
  • In the horizontal direction also right, left and center.
  • In both diagonals from corner to corner of the door leaf.

In the case of deviations of up to two percent, you can correct wood components by moistening and weighing, in the case of plastic only by weighting.

Tips & Tricks

If your door is slightly warped, which is about half the percent, you can screw flat right angles to any corner of the door leaf on a wooden door and possibly plastic doors or frames. You can "pull out" the surface deformation or distortion.

Video Board: Fix a Warped Cabinet Door