Build a steel door yourself - is that possible?

Especially when doors are to have a certain, deviating measure, the idea often arises whether one can not build the door itself. Whether this also goes with steel doors, which design possibilities may offer, and where the problems lie, you can read here.

Build doors yourself

To build simple doors yourself, there are 4 different construction methods:

  • Doors as a simple continuous plate
  • Door as a frame construction
  • Door with U-profiles as frame
  • Falttürenkonstruktionen

If you want to use as a material for the door leaf steel sheet, some designs fall from the outset. A simple continuous steel sheet will not be possible, and also folding doors made of sheet steel you will probably hardly get it, because even with suitable professional tools, the construction is extremely complicated.

The simplest construction method

The easiest way is, if you build a frame made of U-profiles or square profiles, and this frame on the front and back covered with sheets. The frame construction must be supported several times inside, so that the door remains stable.

Most likely to offer, as one would do with a wooden door, a middle cross strut and in the resulting two squares still cross struts.

Necessary work

This design requires some work that you can not easily do at home:

  • Connecting the frame parts to a stable frame
  • Precise cutting of the sheets
  • Edges of at least one of the sheets so that it fits exactly over the frame (better both sheets)
  • Attaching the door hanger

Connecting the frame parts to a stable frame

In order to build a stable frame from cut-to-length square profiles, they must be connected together at the edges. This is usually done by welding, possibly also a brazing is possible. The prerequisite is, however, that the cutting takes place very exactly, the two joints (miter) are very clean deburred, and you have the appropriate tool (and the expertise) for welding. Depending on the wall thickness of the profiles, even the exact and clean cutting of the profiles can cause problems.

Precise cutting and edges of the sheets

If the sheet thickness is still fairly low (less than 1 mm), cutting and edging are likely to be possible in most cases. However, since it is very accurate, this can be difficult. The sheets must be bent exactly in the form of a tub, and fit exactly into the frame. Then you have to connect the sheets still clean with the frame.

Attaching the door hanger

To attach the door hinges, you must have appropriate attachment methods available.

Tips & Tricks

Anyone who has a professional tool for metalworking and has the necessary expertise can dare to try it. However, if sheet metal has to be purchased and cut externally, it can already be expensive. With finished production to the desired size including edges can be expected for galvanized steel sheet in 1.5 mm thick quite some 60 EUR at some providers.

Video Board: how to make ● A SLIDING DOOR and the HARDWARE yourself!! (super quiet)