Doorbell defective? How to fix the problem!

A non-functioning bell is a real nuisance: At the latest when the postman with an important package in front of the door and takes it back to the post office because of the broken bell, the problem becomes apparent. Probably the gong is defective - or the bell button. In some cases there is also a voltage problem. Find out exactly where the damage is and repair it afterwards.

Doorbell does not work - what to do?

First, you should carefully check your bell system to get to the root of the problem. Take the cover off the bell and see if the two power cable terminals are still stuck.

Press the terminals firmly, maybe the damage is already fixed. If not: Has dust settled in the gong, can the clapper be moved without any problems? If necessary, clean the bell and check that the bell goes off again.

The doorbell still does not work? Also open the bell button and test whether the terminals are stuck. If so far everything is fine, but the bell is broken, perhaps the tension is missing.

Check the voltage at the defective doorbell

If there is no current, the bell will not work. These devices are suitable for safe and precise voltage testing:

  • Two-terminal voltage tester: Use a voltage tester with a lower voltage value of 8 volts or less.
  • Multimeter: Set the device to AC voltage, often indicated as Volts AC, and to a range of 50 or less than 100 volts. You may have to change the test leads.

Hold the probes of your tester to the terminals on your bell and let a second person ring several times. If you do not have someone to ring for you, just fix the bell button with a piece of tape.

If you notice that there is a voltage during ringing, then your bell is broken. Normally, the repair costs exceed the new purchase price, so you have to dispose of the plant well and connect a new one.

Restore the flow of electricity in the bell

If there is no current flow in the bell system, just look for the fuses, maybe one has jumped out. If this is not the case, deactivate the fuse for your bell and check the wiring, maybe it is a bit loose here.

The cause may also be a nail that has been knocked through the wall into the pipe or some other mechanical damage. In that case, you urgently need an electrician. Keep an eye on your safety during all work.

Tips & Tricks

If you live in a multi-family house, inform your landlord best and leave the bell system alone. If further damage is caused to the doorbell during standalone work, you are otherwise liable.

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