Complete doors or replace only the door leaf

Who wants to replace doors, can only renew the door leaf or disassemble the entire door including door frame and reset. When replacing the door leaf is often the accuracy of fit a problem. If the frame is dismantled, the new door type is freely selectable and can be treated like a complete new installation.

Door leaves of a room door

Especially with a simple wooden door the replacement of the door leaf is the easiest possible, for example if they are warped. The conventional standard dimensions have remained the same for many decades. This includes the hinges and their mounting positions.

The hinge pins in the hinges, in which the new door leaf is hung, can be unscrewed from the frame, the door frame or the door reveal in case of deviations in height and be reset according to door leaf position. Depending on the door type, the fittings can also be changed.

Security, house and patio doors

If doors with exact full-profile storage have to be replaced, it is only possible in rare cases to replace only the door leaf. Some brand manufacturers lead spare door leaves long and a request is always worthwhile. More likely, however, is that customization becomes necessary. The effort especially when adjusting the locking mechanism is not worthwhile and is usually much more expensive than the complete replacement.

Remove door frame

When doorframes need to be removed, labor is less costly than is often expected. Since the cavities were almost always filled with foam, professional removal can already expose the door frame. The dried foam must be drilled, sawn or cut.

Adjust the door opening and install the frame

After exposing the door opening, depending on the new door and frame, you can reduce or enlarge the door opening. In many cases, you can conceal the deviation of the dimensions of the old and new door with the door frame or the door frame. Pay attention, however, to the effective insulation of the door. Only install the new door frame after the removal of all remaining parts of the masonry and soffit.

Tips & Tricks

When replacing doors, consider whether changing the direction of closure would be beneficial and change the door hinges if necessary.

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